Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hello World: a break from my ring thing.

Dear readers whoever you are,
I decided to take a break from my trip down memory lane. "Ring any bells". (stop applauding everyone) I was just so intrigued by my site counter. (I am easily amused) I love the button that shows me a world map with tiny dots. Those tiny dots are you! Before you get freaked out they are just dots on a map. They don't have your name or email address or anything else that would identify you....I repeat you are still anonymous. They just tell me that someone in Indonesia or Mexico or Kansas or Canada or Guatemala stopped by for a look see. That makes the world seem a little friendlier and a little smaller. It makes me smile. I can visualize there is someone in Tel Aviv sitting in front of their laptop and enjoying the escape from it all through the blog world rabbit hole. By the way in my mind you are beautiful and intelligent and you are smiling too. So here's to you whereever you are. Someone in Texas says "Howdy". (that is hello in Texan) If you feel brave enough leave me a comment with how you say Hello where you are from. If not, that's okay, I will be happy with my map of the world. Thanks for your dot.

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