Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Never mind!

So I tried to figure out how to work that dang contest thing that I just posted (scroll down just a wee bit) and I have NO idea what in the h they are talking about. I feel old. I feel too blogged down to understand it tonight. So never mind my friends. I am sure that you would have nominated me. But for now enjoy the picture. It is as old as I feel.
P.S. here is a contest of my's simple.....What town is this? For extra bonus points what is the decade?


Terresa said...

no idea but I love all things retro & old.

PS: Can I borrow/snag your "meanest mom" blog button? It fits me to a "t".

Heidi said...

Is that Houston...Foley Brothers department store was what made me think of that...the year....1950's?

Shewinn8 said...

very good is Houston but it is in the 1940's. you win the prize. You get to have me visit you. Lucky!!!