Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to All!
So since I am new at this, my blog will NOT be original until I find my bloice (that would be my blog voice). I have noticed that there is a penchant for list making on other blogs so well here goes:
Things I am THANKFUL for: (I know I know...pretty original) and btw in no particular order.....
Sonic Ice
my mom who cooks Thanksgiving dinner so I never have to
My incredibly good looking boyfriend Mr. T (not the famous Mr T. of the A team but still famously mine. I have noticed everyone on blogs seems to have cutesy nicknames and I certainly wouldn't want to break from my blatant pattern of plagiarism although I would like to discuss this phenomena in a later post)
Three of perhaps the coolest kids in the world
Christopher Walken (don't ask)
Monkey Girls (you know who you are)
cool people who make my children happy (you know who you are too....keep practicing with the cards you might be able to beat me some day)
Sonic Ice
Sonic Ice..............................I'm thirsty...I'm outta here!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So should I start at the beginning?

I think I need to start with a confession: I said I would NEVER have a blog! Blogs were for people who being slightly left of center had waaaayyy too much time on their hands. Why did they think we would want that much detail about their lives anyway? Who would ever sit and read the musings of ordinary people?...................turns out that would be me. So after countless hours of voyueristic pleasure I now feel compelled to leave my own mark on the blogging world.....heaven help me. What will I say?......Who will read this?......What will be my contribution to this blog world?
I guess we will both just need to stay tuned........