Monday, February 1, 2010

The Most Dangerous Country or so says the Bear.

So I try not to be the mom who only blogs about her children
(Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that)
But I got some pictures of my favorite Elder in the world
I just wanted to show and tell.
They come at a good time.
It's Monday
I feel kinda sick
and I am trying to motivate myself to clean clean clean...
Plus last week I watched Man Vs Wild.
It used to be Elder Nerents favorite show before he gave up TV for two years
(which wasn't too hard for him....he doesn't really like TV but he did like watching Bear Grylls try to push the danger envelope)
Guess where Bear parachuted into last week on TV
You got it....Guatemala.
And do you know what his first sentence was??
"I am going to Guatemala....THE MOST DANGEROUS COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!"
(he said it three times throughout the hour)
Really Bear??
THE most dangerous...
Cmon and give a missionary mom a break.
I am writing a letter and asking for a retraction.
Do you know what Elder Nerent wrote when I told him?
That is so cool that I am serving in the most dangerous country in the world!
Gotta love these young men.
They are on the adventure of their lives.
So in honor of this auspicious Monday of pictures from my son
I post these.
Is it me or does that cow look like one of the MOST DANGEROUS COWS IN THE WORLD?

This is a funny picture. It looks like he is preaching to the dog and what is up with the kid crawling into the window. Perhaps escaping a discussion? lol

P.S. I am going to take on 2 projects that I really want to try but I am afraid to tell you because then if I don't do them no one will know. But you know as well as I do accountability is I will share my secret goals with you and only you........ shhh don't tell anyone.

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