Monday, April 25, 2011

The Last 25.....or as my spooky computer says, 1-25

Well I am sure you are all just sitting by your computers....
waiting for the conclusion of the 50 things you might not know about me.
And since I have never been one to want to disappoint.....
For some odd reason my computer changed the numbers that I copied and pasted from 25 to 50 to now saying 1 to 25 again.
I did NOT ask it to make that change.
I find it highly suspicious that it knew how to and made that "executive decision" without my consent.
It is almost spooky...
But that's okay with me as you will read in number 17 which was really suppose to be number 42.
Now I KNOW my laptop is male....only a man would change something you didn't want changed.
Here we go:
1.      I like rap music but feel too guilty about it’s lyrics so I don’t listen to it.
2.      I was a disco dancer in the 70’s.
3.      I love to play Nintendo but only the old school Donkey Kong and Mario World.
4.      I can name at least 25 Pokemon characters.
5.      I know all of the words to The Devil Went Down to Georgia and Convoy.
6.      I liked CB radios when I was a teen and went by the handle “The Dimpled Darlin”
7.      I think cowboys are handsome.
8.      I have been in 46 of the 50 states.
9.     Todd has been trying to take me to Hawaii for 27 years now but we always end up spending any extra money on trips for our whole family.
10. I love turquoise jewelry and silver jewelry.
11. I hate olives
12. I want to like olives so every year I eat one just to make sure things haven’t changed.
13. I make really good candy but I cannot bake.
14. I do not like to follow recipes and so I only cook what I want to put in something.
15. I do not know my right from my left without looking at my hands and seeing which one makes an “L” with my thumb and fingers.
16. I almost failed my drivers test because of that.
17. I LOVE spooky stories and anything Halloween related.
18. I think that graveyards are so amazing and I have a favorite headstone and a favorite graveyard.
19. I am never scared speaking in front of crowds big or small.
20. But I am scared to go to Guatemala.
21. I keep having nightmares that Todd won’t get a good picture of me hugging Jack when I first see him and I want that picture so I can look at it forever.
22. I believe that if you don’t have a picture of something it just might not have happened.
23. I can look at anyone and decide what animal they are most like.
24. My favorite sound in the whole world is when I make one of my family laugh out loud.
25. My Heavenly Father has blessed me with the most amazing parents, brothers and sister, husband, children and friends and I know that I have been blessed beyond belief.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Half of 50 is 25........

I am trying to delete old files on my laptop computer.
I had a virus.
(And not anyone even brought me chicken soup or anything)
I thought that I had totally lost all my pictures and documents because I had to do a complete restore.
Then I realized that the computer is a sneaky little devil.
After I totally added all of the files from a back up location
I realized that everything was still on my computer after all.
Only it was hiding.
And so today I have played hide and go seek with my good friend Mr. Computer.
Yes...he is a guy.
Only a male could be this much trouble.
Anyway long story short
I came across a document that I wrote about a year or so ago.
It was 50 things you might not know about me.
And because I have sensed that you all are waiting patiently for just such a blog post.
I mean who wouldn't.....
I am going to post 25 today
and 25 next time.

So today's installment.........
1.     I am claustrophobic and can really only relax if I sit on the end of a row.
2.     I have a dog and like her but do not like “owning a dog’
3.     When I was little I thought I would grow up to star on a show like the Brady Bunch.
4.     I have known since I was born that God loves me.
5.     I can tie a cherry stem with my mouth.
6.     My favorite body part is my feet.
7.     I can only wear a tee shirt if it is a v neck.
8.     My favorite and lucky number is 8 and I was born on the eighth month and the eighth day.
9.     I am directly related to John Adams and John Quincy Adams.
10. I can pick up a roach with my bare hands
11. But I will scream if a gecko gets anywhere near me.
12. I knew I would marry my husband just a few days after talking to him.
13. I waited for him while he served a mission.
14. I do not like anything with red sauce in it.
15. I thought I hated pizza until I found out I only like it with pesto sauce and only if it is within what I call a pizza window (2 to 7 minutes)
16. Now pizza is one of my favorite foods ever.
17. I do not like spicy foods and believe that people who do have damaged their taste buds.
18. I do not believe there should ever be pain associated with eating.
19. My first car was a bright yellow VW rabbit.
20. I use to collect rabbits. (figurines)
21. I lived in downtown New York when I was five and still remember celebrating my birthday there.
22. I have a soft spot for people who stutter.
23. I feel guilty that I didn’t have more children.
24. I honestly feel that my children are amazing beyond belief.
25. I was bit on the rear end by a German Shepherd when I was 10.

Oh boy wasn't that fun!
I bet you can't wait until the last 25.......

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All you had to do was ask.........

I got a sweet message from someone special today...
(I won't mention her name, she is much too modest for a shout out)
She requested that I write again
She is the first person to notice my absence.
How did she know that was all I was waiting for.....
Ok well maybe blaming my blogging absence on ya'll is a little unfair.
But Miss L's comment was really the spark that I needed to get me going again.
It has been quite a while since I have written and there are a myriad of reasons why....and I wrote so many wonderful posts at 2 am while lying in my bed that is really is a shame that I didn't write a one down.
But you see I was in a cocoon.
And everybody knows that there are no laptops in a cocoon.
It is no surprise to you I am sure since I warned you that I was joining the ranks of the "empty nesters"
Side note: I hate the term empty nesters and from this time hence it will be banned in my Blogdom. I mean really....just because my children are gone does NOT make my nest empty. HELLO!! Todd and I are still sitting right the nest.....big as day (p.s. working on that).
The nest is not only still occupied.
It's a fine nest.
I mean hey...I can still be a real barrel of monkeys
and as for Todd...... well ever heard of the term "eye candy".
We will henceforth be called the Monkey Eye Candy Party Nest! (don't worry I will work on that one)
End of side note.
I think I have finally exited my chrysalis.
Saved and transformed by a machine.
(oh yea, and the love and support of my family yada yada yada)
My new best friend and saving grace.
My camera.
I am a photographer.
I run my own business...(with a little help from my know who you are wink wink nudge nudge)
I am reborn.
(My only problem is my boss...she can be a real barrel of monkeys...if you know what I mean)
Thank you for waiting for me
Thank you little Miss L.
Thank you.
I shall not let you down again.