Sunday, August 9, 2009

Can't Help Loving Than Man of Mine!

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My handsome husband has a complicated relationship with the computer. As a CPA he sits in front of one for the better part of his work day. He loves music and his new Ipod and has learned how to download and rip CD's. He loves a good game of computer hearts and spider solitaire.
That is the extent of his desire to use or learn about the computer.
Anything else that needs to be done on it is my domain.
That is fine with me.
His special set of skills does NOT need computer enhancement. If there was a nicer man on the face of the earth I have not met him nor have I heard of him.
For my birthday he took me to see the movie Julie & Julia. A movie that I have anticipated ever since I saw that first trailer. He knows my love of cooking shows. I grew up on Julia Childs and had a crazy mad crush on Jacque Pepin before Mr. T entered my world. I relished every minute of the movie and he was enthusiastically patient with it's slow and lumbering pace. On the drive home he shared with me that he had heard an interview with Nora Ephron the director that they were worried about the portrayal of Julia's husband played by Stanley Tucci. They thought that the audience would be skeptical of how nice a man that he was...that it would be unbelievable.
I said, "That is exactly what people would say if they made a film about our lives."
(side note: Don't expect to see that in your local movie theater anytime soon dear I have already explained in previous posts...not much to blog about...definitely not enough for a movie)
Todd looked at me like I was crazy and said, "No way! I am not that nice."
I laughed and said, "No you are right.. you are nicer."
My daughter Peanut nodded her head in agreement from the back seat.
He would not agree. We challenged him to name one un-nice thing he had ever done to us. He sputtered and hemmed and hawed and pondered.
Peanut and I just laughed and laughed.
"I've got it" he said with a look of smug satisfaction. "Remember the time we were playing basketball and Raar threw the basketball at Nerent and it hit him in his face and he started crying and I said to Raar, Why did you throw that at his face? Don't throw that ball at your brother's face!"
There it was...the smoking gun of cruelty.
He smiled at his victory.
Warn the villagers's a monster!!
Peanut and I just started laughing even harder. (See why there will never be a movie version of our lives?)
I tell you this story because as you see on this wall that there is a comment from him. I think he meant to write it as a comment and not a post on my wall. I haven't had the heart to tell him that he actually posted instead of commenting. I thought about fixing it for him and cutting and pasting it so that he would never know of the blogging goof.
But you know what...Why would I want to take off such a sweet post from such a sweet man who is in my opinion the best looking guy I have ever met (just a extra bonus). Then you might not get to see what a sweet man he is.
But I am warning you...don't throw basketballs at people's faces. If you do, I cannot be held responsible for the fallout if Mr. T is watching.

Happy Birthday Shell

OOHH LALA. That's my girl. Can anyone blame me for wanting to marry you? You were beautiful back then, and you are beautiful today. I still don't know how I got so lucky to get you. Hope you had a happy birthday. You are the greatest

Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's My Big Day and I Am Ready For My Close-up

Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday dear Momshell
Happy Birthday to Me.
Sorry but I couldn't resist this post when I came across this photo.
Who says that a birthday tiara doesn't go with EVERYTHING! (or nothing)
(Next post I will show you what I cropped out. I will give you a hint: It is my sister Precious in what may be the only come hither picture she has ever felt comfortable taking. But this is my day and I decided not to share the glorious limelight that is this photo)
No I am not going to tell you how old I am!
Gee Whiz!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Warning: Not for the Faint of Heart

One of these things is not like the other
One of these things just doesn't belong
Can you find the thing that's not like the other
Before I finish my song.

You are right clever readers. It is my middle toe nail!

Now please forgive me for posting a picture of my foot. Please forgive the fact that I am in desperate need of a pedicure. Please know that I wish I had put lotion on before I took the picture. But this has summed up my weird week.
I was sitting in my favorite chair at 1 am the other morning, pondering life's deep mysteries..... (Translation: I am getting old and possibly getting close to menopause and now that there are no crying babies or things like that to keep me from sleeping...I can't sleep) when I looked down at my toes and thought (ok maybe I even said it out loud since there was no one who would hear me at that hour)
ARGGGGGG! Do I need a pedicure!! (rhetorical question so no need for actual question mark)
It appeared that the toe nail polish was coming off at the corner of my middle toe.
Note to reader: This is where it gets a little graphic so you may either want to skip the next few lines or click the little x button at the top right hand corner of the blog. But really what is the point since you've already seen the picture.
But it wasn't the nail polish after all
It was the TOE NAIL!
Completely separate from my toe except for a little teeny tiny patch in the corner.
It swung right off like a barn door on it's last hinge.
How did this happen? Why wasn't I informed earlier? I know that I am old but am I LITERALLY falling apart starting at the bottom and working it's way up?
I never have been one to be really "in touch" with my physical self but THIS was ridiculous. A whole toe nail gone. A new one already growing in it's place.
I am going to have to spend less time blogging and blurking and more time studying my feet....
or any other body part which is threatening to fall off.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Love and Fainting Spells

My baby Peanut
(yes I know she doesn't look like a baby)
Fainted in my arms today.
As frightening as that experience was
It was illuminating as well.
We were lucky enough to be in the waiting room of the doctors office
We were fortunate to be sitting down.
She was feeling scared and in pain and
I was grateful for the chance to hold her.
When your children get older you don't get near enough chances to physically hold them and comfort them.
She said to me. "Mom I can't see. Everything is turning black"
I held her tighter.
Then she went limp.
A rush of adrenaline surged through me.
I yelled for help.
Her beautiful face drained of all it's color
In the scary seconds that followed I kept my eyes on her face.
That face like an angel.
I was filled to overflowing with love for her.
There was not one iota of space in my being that did not feel an overpowering love for this child of mine.
It was a feeling that really defies words or description.
I have savored it all day.
I have thought of little else.
I will sleep with it lingering in my heart.
I don't know if I will ever say it enough times.
So here it is on paper, as it were.
I love you Peanut
And I always will.

P.S. Peanut is doing fine and all is well. Fainting though dramatic is rarely fatal and she is healthy and back to being the social butterfly we all know and love.

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