Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Adventures on the Road

8 days of a road trip
8 days of togetherness
8 days of regional cuisine
8 nights of sleeping in strange beds
8 days of shopping for souveniers
8 days of museums, amusement parks, and new vistas
703 digital pictures

Yes,.....you read that right...703.
With so many to choose from which would I post to sum up our adventure.

After a lot of thought I chose this one. If you have ever made a road trip through this great country the one thing you can expect is the unexpected. And so devoted readers...here it is.
Because when you are in Nashville Tennessee the country music capital of the world and you come across a full scale model of the Parthenon in Greece and you just happen to meet Captain Incredible there you just have to jump for joy.
Thank you America for being so beautiful, so crazy, so diverse, so much dang fun.
And thank you Mr. T and Peanut for being such wonderful traveling companions on the journey.

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Victoria said...

Sweet!!! I am jealous. I'm ready for a road trip!!! How is your son doing on his mission???

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Regional cuisine and sleeping in strange beds, I love it (so long as they're clean:)

Sounds wonderful. Very cute photo. Great to hear from you!! I missed ya . . .


Cynthia said...

I found your blog via the MMB- hop it's okay to comment!

I don't think you could have planned that photo and had it be anymore funny. Where but America would you find so much quirkiness. I love quirky! It's fun to see you embracing it too.