Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shame on me...2009 part 2.

Sorry teacher....
I didn't finish my homework in time.
My dog ate my wait that would be the perimenopause.
Can I turn it in late?
Thanks for grading on a curve.

2009 continued.........

The month of July brought our family trip. We called it out Hillbilly Hoedown. We went to Memphis, Nashville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and all stops in between. I wasn't even sure if we would do a trip. You see with only one chick in the nest I wasn't sure that our annual tradition of a road trip would even feel right. Oh boy I am glad that we decided to go ahead. I took 707 pictures of the trip...some amazing shots if I do say so myself but do you know why I picked this one? Quite simply because this was the best part of the trip. Spending time with my daughter. Cherishing every minute that she is still in the nest. Talking to her, laughing with her, playing silly car games, watching her sleep in the car...and this picture....texting boys as we crossed state after state....grateful for the beautiful young woman she has become but remembering the sweet baby she will always be in my heart. I love you peanut.


My toenail fell off....
It was an omen of things to come
Healthwise that is....
Oh yea and my birthday.
I turned.....
Yeah right like i would tell you my age.
Geezz have some respect will ya
I am starting to decay from the bottom up.


I was able to attend my nephew's beautiful wedding in Salt Lake City and enjoy being reunited with my 3 siblings. parents and Raar and Ninja. It was a rocking good party and I got to play photographer. Found out that wedding photography is too hard. Decided to stick with portrait and outdoor stuff. Still had so much fun capturing special moments like this on the big day.
Oh yea,
Elder Nerent hit his one year mark and so did I.

I dare you to find a prouder mother....
I double dog dare you.


Oh Halloween Oh Halloween
Thou art my favorite holiday,
No gifts to wrap, no carols to sing
No extra work to slave away.
Only witches, pumpkins and spooks galore
And candy purchased from the store,
And if I wake up and look real bad
I can say it is the only costume that I had.


Just one of the many things I was thankful for in November.

And no year would be complete without a picture of family.  Although this isn't everyone it is a symbol...
A small portion of the people that make me complete...
Some in Utah
and Texas
and in places outside both the country and my comfort zone....
but always close
in my heart.
Thanks for letting me do a little 2009 show and tell....
You really are good company.
Here's to 2010 and all the blessings it brings.


Victoria said...

Awesome! I looked back and realized that I really did have pictures from every month of the year. Some of the memories are not so sweet, and I am going to leave them there for now. My goal is to make sure 2010 has sweet memories for every month of the year!!!

Just ME the MOM said...

I love part II. I still love to watch my baby (18) sleep. It's just the best. The really best is cuddling up right next to her - hee:) Thankfully, she lets me come watch movies with her at night when she's home. Best part of my day :)


Heidi said...

Clever and fun to read, as always....Thanks for making me smile and reminding me that I REALLY have to do a better job of documenting my life through pictures. It's always fun to look at yours. It's really sad that most of the best pictures of my family were taken by YOU and we don't even see each other more than twice a year if we're lucky!!!!

Victoria said...

Okay, you are on. I will do a photo every day with you... but I can't start quite yet. I seem to have lost the battery charger for my camera. That is not a good thing, since I was supposed to take pictures for someone this week. The rain saved the day, but I am going to have to clean out my office and see if I can find it. My family seems to have taken over my office... grrr... and it is not peaceful and pristine like I like it. Since that is the only room in the house I keep that way, I better get it fixed up:) Hopefully starting Monday?