Monday, February 28, 2011

Hair by Oscar

And the Oscar for best bed hair goes to........
Watching the academy awards tonight prompted me to try and glam up myself.
I noticed that the hair styles this year were the ones that looked like,
"Hey I am so beautiful I just rolled out of bed and came on over"
The irony I am sure is that it probably took a team of hair stylists 2 or 3 hours
to produce such a look.
Mine you ask?
Well I don't want to brag but it only took a second or two.
I think the reading glasses give me that "intelligient rumpled look"
I never ceased to be amused by Hollywood....
I guess that's why they call it entertainment.


Tom said...

That picture will haunt my nightmares

Shewinn8 said...

Jealous? You only wished you looked that good!

Kristin Klein said...

fun post - and a great idea - so cute!