Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Way to go Big Bro...

IHOP's Annual Pancake Day Helps Kids in Need:
This is my big brother John who has been on TV twice this week. Once on CSPAN and this report on a local Washington DC station. The boy in this is hilarious. Just watch what happens when the reporter asks him what he likes to do....he is torn between his own answer and what his mother wanted him to say.
Back when John Lauck was Johnny his nursery leader thought he would grow up to be trouble, always telling my mom her concerns.
Too bad she is not alive to see how well he turned out.
P.S. This is a great charity to give to. A dollar at a time will make a difference for children in need of medical care. 


Tom said...

REALLY proud of your brother. He was always somebody I looked up to even in high school.

evelyn said...

Can't get enough of this video. Of course, I am totally without any prejudice.

Lisa said...

auntie shelley will you please write another blog post so I have something to read at work? I check everyday without fail, and you never have anything new to read :(