Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's snowing?

can't you see it?
I SAID....
Do you see it!
Yes that is...
Texas snow! Missouri City Texas snow to be exact!
Fun Fact: The people who first settled here and named this hallowed ground were from Missouri. They were trying to get away from the cold and snow and decided that shorts melting heat and mind numbing oppressive humidity was just the ticket. Well, their first winter here there was some freakish winter snow storm that dumped a ton of snow on them. They decided to call it quits and go back to Missouri. Wimps! Hard to believe since this is the type of snow we get here about every 10 or 20 years. Believe it or not they will probably cancel school tomorrow. That's what the little peanut in the photo hopes for anyway. It may not impress you people up north from us but we will take what we can get and party anyway!
IT"S SNOWING! really it is....look closer....and for all you doubting Thomas' here is further pictorial proof:

Is the story above completely historically accurate?...........well I read it somewhere one time. And in the famous words of my mother in law.....I say a lot of things. You can either choose to believe me or you can choose not to.

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JoeyDoey said...

I'm from England. Weve had barely any snow yet, but it has been really cold and icy. If you've been reading my blog (no idea why you'd want to, its nothing but rambling) then you would've read about me falling off my bike 3 times on a particularly icy day :D

Its all fun though, the cold weather is an excuse to get all cozy inside.