Saturday, June 6, 2009

Exploring new territory in the back yard

These are pictures from my backyard. I love taking pictures. But I don't love my backyard. I have a love/hate relationship with the out of doors. (I hope that those of you who love being outdoors won't stop being my friend...just keep gets better) I have always felt that the outdoors definitely had it's place....."it's place" meaning being viewed from the window of my perfectly climate controlled spot in my favorite chair with a book on my lap. Now it might be because I live in Houston. Anyone who has ever been to Houston in the summer, raise your hand. Yup all of those people are nodding their heads in agreement. It is hot.
It is sweat inducing, hair frizzingly humid, energy sapping, fry an egg on the sidewalk, steam broccoli without a stove, tear jerking HOT in Houston.
But I have made peace with that.
I just stay inside.
Or rather I use to stay inside. My body is changing. I think I am entering into the last sputterings of the hormonal choo choo train I boarded when I was a teenager and it is changing who I am. I was always the "hot one". (interpret that however you want to) I could be in 30 degree weather in a T shirt and love it. I made sure that my exposure to the outside was only the brief seconds that it required to go from one air conditioned spot to another air conditioned spot. And I look slow but like a crocodile I can go short distances freakishly fast.
Now I am always cold.
I am that annoying person that says. "Is anybody else cold in here?" I am the old lady who brings a sweater in her car everywhere just in case. I am the person who turns off the fan in the room.
Just plain weird.
But it has it's bright side. I think I am falling in love with my backyard. I spent two hours on Thursday just sitting and drinking it all in. I took these pictures. Did you know that there are some fascinating things in MY backyard? I sure didn't. There must have been at least a dozen different species of birds. The tomatoes that we planted are beautiful. The herbs were deliciously fragrant.
I guess you outdoor people did.

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Lori said...

I grew up in Phx AZ I totally understand what you are say. Great photos!!

Victoria said...

I might like my backyard, if it wasn't monopoloized by a 14-foot trampoline. Yes, I jump occasionally. Right after I have used the bathroom. Or I might even like it if I ever pulled a single weed. I don't, I'm afraid.

My son is on a mission in Dallas, and while I think your weather might be worse, he had a string of days where it was 117 degrees every day... which doesn't exactly sit right when you grew up 20 minutes from the beach in Southern Cali:)