Monday, August 3, 2009

Love and Fainting Spells

My baby Peanut
(yes I know she doesn't look like a baby)
Fainted in my arms today.
As frightening as that experience was
It was illuminating as well.
We were lucky enough to be in the waiting room of the doctors office
We were fortunate to be sitting down.
She was feeling scared and in pain and
I was grateful for the chance to hold her.
When your children get older you don't get near enough chances to physically hold them and comfort them.
She said to me. "Mom I can't see. Everything is turning black"
I held her tighter.
Then she went limp.
A rush of adrenaline surged through me.
I yelled for help.
Her beautiful face drained of all it's color
In the scary seconds that followed I kept my eyes on her face.
That face like an angel.
I was filled to overflowing with love for her.
There was not one iota of space in my being that did not feel an overpowering love for this child of mine.
It was a feeling that really defies words or description.
I have savored it all day.
I have thought of little else.
I will sleep with it lingering in my heart.
I don't know if I will ever say it enough times.
So here it is on paper, as it were.
I love you Peanut
And I always will.

P.S. Peanut is doing fine and all is well. Fainting though dramatic is rarely fatal and she is healthy and back to being the social butterfly we all know and love.

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Cynthia said...

Boy, you aren't kidding about the 'Face of an Angel'! What a beautiful daughter you have.

Sorry about the fainting thing. It's probably nothing. I do that every so often but once you learn the 'signs' that it's coming, you can usually sit down or put your head between your knees to ward it off.