Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Last of the Unicorns

I had a little surgical procedure on my head.
I had two cysts cut out of my scalp.
One was tender and painful if pressure was applied.
The other was just....well.....visible.
And that was not a good thing.
(You can see it in this picture. It's the bump in the middle of my hairline.)
My mom said that I looked like a unicorn.
Oh silly one wants to be compared to a unicorn.
Do you?
It had been removed already three times before only to have grown back.
Do you want to know what my biggest concern over this removal of these bumps?
Was it the pain and discomfort?
Nah I have given birth to three children, had kidney stones, and gall stones.
Was it the risk of infection at site of the stitches?
Nope I don't usually think about those kinda things until they happen.
Was it my hair?
What would they do to make incisions. Would they shave a patch of hair...Would they cut my hair?
How much did they need to cut?
One of the cysts was on the back of my head. How would I even know what they were doing back there?
I practiced several times during the week....pinning it back in all directions...
estimating how much would have to be sacrificed to the knife......what worked better; bobby pins vs. barrettes...
would there be enough hair to cover the bald spot....
and which was worse...
a bald spot
a unicorn horn.
I know that it sounds kinda silly since hair grows back, but the closer the time came to have it done the bigger
it seemed to loom.
Finally I found myself sitting in the doctors office with my hair barretted and bobby pinned in every direction
waiting for the inevitable bad haircut.
I flinched a little with every nurse that came in asking...
"Are you the one that will be cutting or shaving my hair?"
The doctor would be the one to do that
When the doctor walked in, I sheepishly asked him if he minded all of the clips and pins in my hair.
He loved it!
He said that he had never seen anyone do that and that it would greatly help him in his work.
I layed face down on the table dreading the sounds that would signify the snipping of scissors on hair.
I could do this....just keep  telling more horn.
After about an hour it was done.  
And when he had  finished he said,
"Because you did such a great job pinning back all of your hair, I didn't even have to cut a single strand."
I felt so proud and clever.
Maybe it wasn't a horn after all...maybe it was just extra smarts.
Or maybe unicorns are genius'
If it grows back again....I might just accept that I am just...well.....
And the world could use more unicorns.
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JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Yay! No haircut for you:) Sorry you lost your magic unicorn powers though, perhaps you shoulda waited until after Christmas - :)

Sounds like there a good chance they'll be back.

Gallstones huh? - Bet you're minus one gallbladder - ha! Me too, surprise!


Victoria said...

Haha! I'm so glad he didn't take any of your hair... just the bad parts:)

Twins Squared said...

I wouold have been worried about the hair too, but I probably wouldn't have thought to pin it back - good for you for thinking ahead! And your hair looks great - washed or not! :)

Leslie said...

May I say one of the prettiest (and funniest) unicorns I've seen. Way to think ahead on pinning your hair back. Glad that's over for you.
P.S. What happened to your great Missionary Christmas Package post? I loved it.