Saturday, November 21, 2009

No joke...egg yolk!

I heard on the news this morning that one of the fastest growing epidemics facing the United States is obesity.
And the area that wins the distinction of the very worst (or very best if you look at it as number one is a winner winner chicken dinner) is......
The Smoky Mountain region,
Home of Dolly Pardon.
I visited there this summer and I do have to say that I felt rather comfortable.
I remarked to my husband as we traipsed through Dollywood that I did feel tinier than the bulk (no pun intended) of the people.
It was a satisfying conclusion as I nibbled on my foot long corn dog with fresh cut and fried shoestring potatoes which were peeled right in front of me. (that was their selling point for me.)
The problem is I cannot just live in Dollywood.
Dolly herself once had a weight problem that she has conquered. She is a tiny little thing now. She said that she leaves half of her food for the angels as their portion. My angels must have felt downright starved up until now.
But I have turned over a new leaf.
Well it is an old leaf that was carelessly tossed aside and kicked to the curb.
I joined the YMCA.
I am riding a recumbent bike 5 days a week.
Me and all of the other people over the age of 70. (but that is a blog for another day.)
And I am working on giving the angel's more of their fare share.
Wish me luck.

Side note: Every worker in Dollywood is over the age of 70. I have NEVER seen so many gainfully employed senior citizens in all of my life. As I waited in line at the corn dog shack I observed 5 senior citizens crammed into a space elbow to dry elbow no larger than my spare bathroom, sweating and peeling and frying. They did not appear happy. I told Mr. T that there had to be something better than this for our elderly friends. And I found out there is. Down the path from the corn dog hut was the Sweet shoppe. It was air conditioned and the employees toughest task was to sort the salt water taffy. That is where you want to be when you work in Dollywood. The corn dog shack must be where you are sent to be punished.
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Carolyn said...

Ok so I know that this was totally not the point of this post, but I really want a corn dog now.

Plus, oddly enough I only live a few hours from Dollywood. But have never been there. Strange but true. Ok maybe not so strange.

Mach Momma said...

Cute post!

Victoria said...

It all sounds a little punitive to me. I don't usually like to eat something after I have cooked it all day. In fact I make this amazing English Toffee.... and I really can't stand it because I have cooked it so much. Send me to the corndog stand, baby!

Todd said...

You are smokin lady!!

Elaine said...

I'd love to go there just to try the food!!! Except I'd feel guilty if I bought just one corn dog. I'd have to buy 5 or 20.