Monday, March 8, 2010

MIA....but here's the weird part...

Dear Readers both friends and family,
I have been missing in action for over a month now......MIA
The funny thing is that I have written a blog entry almost every night..
Funny ones,
Sad ones,
Thought provoking ones,
and probably a few boring ones.
the only problem is......
they were written in my mind while I lay in bed hoping for sleep.
And I had every intention of writing them all down the next day,
But like a petulant child who says they will clean their room in a little bit,
I did not deliver.
So in hopes of getting back in your good graces and to prove to myself that when you fall off of your horse you still need to get back on and ride...
Here is what happened to me last month
(In case you wanted to know)
I sent a package to Elder Nerent who received it just in time for his week spent in bed with Dengue Fever. That post probably would have made you sad because it made me cry, but alls well that ends well and he had plenty of Gushers to get him through the crisis.
I was in charge of sharing time all month in Primary at church and we made valentines to send to children in Guatemala. I tried to talk the presidency into letting me deliver them in person and just write it off to the primary budget but they seemed disinterested in the offer. I was only trying to be a good humanitarian....we are the world after all. That would have been one of my spiritual blogs entries.
I lent Peanut my camera to go to the zoo and she came back with some great pictures including this one of two lions holding paws. Can everybody say, Awwwwwww. This would have been one of my precious blog entries.
I checked the computer 1,238 million times to see if Peanut received her acceptance to BYU. I mean it...over a million times, muttering under my breath about how lame it is to make people wait this long and what kind of university tortures people like this....... (angry blog entry of course)
 only to recant my position (repentant blog entry) after the long awaited acceptance was received proclaiming it the finest collegiate institution in the America perhaps the world at which point I threw a party for Peanut and her cousin Kavica. (celebratory blog dancing of course)

It was my final waiting for the BYU acceptance game and I was relieved for it to be over, so we partied BIG TIME!
I redecorated my family room

I signed up for a subscription to the photo editing site Picnik and played around a lot with that.

What informative blog entries those would have been......
And oh in the middle of all of those activities I had surgery.
Not a big one but an annoying little one
That I would like to tell you about.
Except that in polite society no one is suppose to say the word
And I would need to say the word
a lot.
So we will just leave that one alone except to say that it was one of the best and most eloquent and passionate of my "mind blogs"
So there..
That is what you missed.
Maybe you should be grateful
Oh and one more thing....


Bonnie said...

Hahah! I love your sense of humor!
I didn't realize it was DENGUE FEVER he had! Oh, WOW! Great blog post, by the way!

Victoria said...

Perfect post!!! I loved it. I even loved all the posts you never actually wrote down. And if your daughter was a year older, I am sure my son at BYU would be stalking her... he is almost 23, however, and won't be looking at any 18-year-olds this year:). He does have quite the soft spot for Texas girls, though, as he served his mission in Fort Worth, and loves anything Texas.

Just ME the MOM said...

Oh my heart! I have missed you so. It's been great fun just to catch up. Uterus! I hope you're missing one currently ;) If not . . . ya better talk to me about it . . .

Love the redo, congrats on BYU - what will you do without her??? Dengue Fever - Gushers are perfect (and sooooo healing).



Cynthia said...

You've been VERY busy! I'm excited for you daughter to attend school at the 'Y'. My kids can't because they don't really let many locals in. Which is fine with me- I'm more of a USU gal! LOL! Still, it's going to be an awesome experience for her.

Hope your uterus is okay (maybe even GONE which would be worthy of celebration).

Glad to see you are back. I've had those middle of the night blog posts too.

Leslie said...

A perfect way to come back to the blogging world! Can you write a few entries for mine? Your clever wit is right up my alley, except it doesn't quite come out of my mouth like yours. I LOVE YOU!!!! I'm so glad Jack is better. What a scary mom time, but that fever had no chance with all the healing powers of Gushers in his system! I talked to Sariah on Sunday. I'm so sad I didn't know she was headed down to TX. I would have sent some BYU stuff for you with her. August baby!....can't wait to meet you in person.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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只有這樣 said...

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Victoria said...

How's your uterus? ;-) Mine is well, thank you. Just stopped by to let you know I tagged you: