Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tell Me A Story

I have taken tens of thousands of pictures.
I think you know by now how much I enjoy taking pictures.
Like some compulsive hoarder of images they ALL seem important to me.
That deleting any one of them would be like taking a memory to the trash heap.
Thanks to technology they take the space of something that can fit in the palm of my hand.
And yet if I had to narrow them down
(and I do mean HAD TO in the truest sense)
There would be some that I would not want to live without.
This is one of them.
Like all meaningful photos
It has a beautiful story to go with it.
Too tired tonight but I decided that if I posted the image....
I would be commited to the putting down on paper
the story.
Until we meet again for story time...
All my best to you and yours.
and for the love of mike...
take pictures that tell your story.
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Just ME the MOM said...

Hmmmm . . . can't wait for the story behind the photo!

I'll be back :D


Just ME the MOM said...


My word verification - I can't see them now without thinking up a definition . . .

When you're motivated to share photo picture stories.