Thursday, April 29, 2010

It all started with a wink ;)

The first time I laid eyes on Mr T. was with a picture.
This picture to be exact.
It was my first day at BYU.
I was moving in and getting to know my new roommate.
She was a girl from my stake but we didn't really know each other that well.
Nothing more than casual acquaintances who said hello at youth activities.
She showed me this picture.
I can't remember why she did or what she said but I thought,
Of course by her showing me that picture I didn't even consider him since every girl knows the "THE CODE" as it pertains to guys.
If you don't know what THE CODE and you are reading this scratching your must either be a guy or raised by wolves.
Ask the nearest female.
But dang.
He WAS good looking.
A few weeks later I met him while having a impromptu birthday party for my roommate.
Mr. T stopped by for a piece of cake by her invitation.
He was even better looking in person.
The epitome of tall dark and handsome.
But I didn't give it much thought.
THE CODE....remember?
Plus I had my eye on his roommate by that time.
That is until Mr. Roommate turned out to be in love with someone else.
Still I didn't really think about Mr. T as a possibility.....THE CODE!
One night though our paths crossed in the local 7-11.
He was with a football buddy and I was with my best friend.
We went there to buy a bag of caramels for a late night evening of girl talk.
I should have known I was a goner when I made my friend buy the bag of caramels.
I didn't want him to think that I would eat a whole bag of caramels.
The four of us walked back to the dorms.
We all stood outside talking for quite awhile.
After about an hour our friends made their exits, my roommate still holding on to the bag of caramels.
It was just Mr. T and I.
We talked for about 3 hours standing outside until we couldn't feel our fingers and toes.
I actually was dating someone at the time who had asked me to the Winter Preference Dance that following weekend.
Mr. T had also been asked by an admirer to escort her to the dance.
I secretly wished that Mr. T would be my date for that dance since I thought of little else but him by that time.
I imagined that he might be sitting in his dorm room thinking the same thing
But I didn't know
He was kinda shy that way.
The night of the dance came and as I entered the Cannon Center,
(that's right...a dance in the romantic)
I saw him with his date.
I have never wanted to be with someone more than I did Mr. T.
The heck with THE CODE!
It had been a whole semester and with the exception of that birthday party he had nothing to do with my roommate.
I came up with a plan.
Wherever Mr. T and his date were, be it eating or dancing
My date and I were there.
I am sure that my date didn't know which end was up by the way I drug him around the room that night.
I needed to make some type of move.
As slow romantic music came on,  I positioned my date and I,
dancing right next to Mr. T. and his date dancing.
I kept waiting for the moment when we would both be facing each other with our dates facing the opposite way.
It took so long to coordinate our movements to make for just the right moment.
It seemed like it was taking forever.
But then it happened.
And I winked
His eyes seemed to register shock.
We were now dancing in sync with each other
I knew it would take more than once.....
So that he didn't think that I just had something in my eye.
This time the look of realization came over his face.
He winked back.
My heart almost burst out of my chest.
I was so happy.
I don't know how many times that we winked that night, but my date must have been pretty confused by sudden fits of giddiness.
(yes I feel guilty about it now)
As his date went to the bathroom..... I did too and walked by Mr. T and whispered,
:Come meet me after the dance at my window."
And the rest of the story is as they say....

On this special day celebrating 27 years of being sealed for time and all eternity to Mr. T. I want to tell him publicly;
You are my everything.
And you are STILL the most handsome man I have ever laid eyes on.

Happy Anniversary my love.


Twins Squared said...

Love it! What a great story! And you go Shelley - you essentially made the first move! Pretty gutsy!

I think I remember seeing that wedding picture back in Laurels. You told us your whole story about how you waited for him while he was on his mission. Congrats!

Anonymous said...
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Lelani said...

Oh, I have to comment .. I cracked up when I read this. So you met before he left on his mission? Patient girl ... I sent out about four guys, I think? lol Very romantic story!

Suzy Q said...

That is SOOO cute! I can just picture you running around the dance floor after some guy. Don't you just hate The Code?

Anonymous said...