Monday, July 26, 2010

The Grand Tour

Chapter Three; Destination Love
Reasons for my road trip...
Spend time with Precious and Mom and Dad,
escape the Houston heat and humidity,
take bazillions of photos
the most obvious of all....
visit my sweet Raar and her husband Ninja!
For the record that is Ninjas "fake smile". It's must not be easy when your mother in law takes a bazillion pictures. And also for the record Ninjas real smile is almost as contagiously charming as his laugh...well it's more of a sustained giggle that makes you want to find funny things on the internet and show him just so you can hear it again.
Anyway they had moved into a new apartment and I was anxious to see it.
There is something about needing to get a "visual" when it comes to your children.
When Raar calls me I want to be able to see her in my mind while I hear her voice.
Without having been there it's like my child is floating in space...
or worse....
I imagine MY first married apartment.
I wish I had a picture to show you but
like all nightmares it was never recorded for posterity.
I'm not even sure if it would have actually shown up on film it was so
dark and dingy.
After peaking at Soldier Summit and winding down the canyon road I was ready to give my first born a huge hug and see for myself her new pad.

 Don't you just love the moment of arrival when you haven't seen a loved one in awhile?
That beginning of the vacation butterfly feeling....
Knocking of the door waiting for the fun to begin.

Raar greeted me at the door almost ready but still fixing her hair for my arrival. Road Hog made himself at home right away.
Road Hog looked around while I waited on Raar to finish grooming.
He made new friends quickly while I took the grand tour.
It was so fun to walk through their home
while my daughter showed me each room...
pointing out the little loving touches that have made it into her own.

Feathering her new little nest
with creative ideas and thrifty finds.
What a wonderful young woman she has become...
and it happened so quickly.
From dependent fussy newborn
beautiful, competent lady of the house.
From young child furnishing her barbie house
young woman furnishing a home for real,
From homesick college freshman
a happy and loving wife who loves her life.
I am so proud of you..
P.S. These are my two favorite things about your cute place.
The bathroom/laundry room. Love the concept. Since I make frequent trips there maybe I wouldn't forget to change my wash to the dryer hence eliminating the need for re-washing.
The second bedroom dubbed by Ninja and Raar as the "Stupid Room". I think that is because for right now it is a room that has not been formally created into an official room. Everyone needs a stupid room or two.
Raar and Ninja.....thanks for letting me come and giving me the grand tour. I loved it.

Next post and final chapter...
Chapter Four; The Parade
(admit're excited...everyone loves a parade....right Ninja?


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Anonymous said...

I miss my bathroom/laundry room newlywed apartment. Think of the laundry turn around if you moved laundry along everytime you were in the bathroom. Think of it X5, 'cause, I would teach my 10, 13, and 15's to do the same.

Cute place Raar and Ninja!

Hello? Springville is between Soldier Summit and Provo!

evelyn said...

Loved the post. Since I was on the tour with you, it was even more fun. I agree, it's a wonderful thing to watch your children become competent, resourceful adults. Fun to watch the grandchildren, too.