Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. T.

Dear Mr. T,
Happy Birthday my one true love,
I think you are perfect.
Even if you pointed out last night that my chicken was pink,
or when you pull more than your share of the sheets over on your side of the bed.
I think you are the handsomest man I have ever met,
Even when you tell me stories of your childhood when people said something mean
or when you get so embarrased when I tell you other people agree with me.
I think you are so smart,
Even when you have a bad day at work and you can't get the budget model to work right
or you ask me what the name of the actress is on TV (even though it is NOT her.)
I think you are so kind and gentle,
Even when you make that hmpf sound when you have to get back dressed and go back to the car
after you asked us 10 tens before you undressed if we got everything when we stay in hotels.
or when you got mad at Jack In the Box because they got everything in our order right except
your two tacos.
You are the perfect man for me
And I could not be happier that you were born on this day.
You make every day the best day ever,
Just by being you.
Love, The Momshell
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勳洪華 said...


Todd Winn said...

I hope to have a thousand birthdays with you

Just ME the MOM said...

What a treat tribute - hope it is the happiest! I'd say you're pretty well matched :)


Lelani said...

happy bday! wow, you guys ARE about our same age. funny. like twin families.