Monday, September 20, 2010

Polishing the Silver

There is so much for me to blog about.
I have at least a dozen posts that are racing around my head like it's the Indy 500 up there.
So what did I do all day today?
Redecorated my blog.
Do you like it?
I call that....."polishing the silver"
One time I was going to have a dinner party at my house.
There was so much to do.
Grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, little favors to make, tables to set.
I wasn't sure how I was going to get it all done in time.
I realized that I wanted to use a sterling silver pitcher for the occasion that I had received as a gift from my favorite uncle and had never used.
I took it out of it's protective bag only to find out it was tarnished.
So I said I would just sit down for a few minutes to give it a lick and a promise...
(I didn't actual "lick" it, that is only an old saying that people who are over 80 might know)
I actually enjoyed sitting there doing such a simple task.
I shined.
I found some other pieces that were possible necessities  for my party.
Then I just starting polishing any ole piece of silver.
It was just easier than all of the other tasks that were overwhelming to me.
Sometimes I get like that.
I get frozen with all that I want to accomplish and I work on a non-essential task like polishing the silver.
So instead of writing about;
my empty nest
my Utah vacation,
my tooth implant adventure,
my graveyard tour,
my moving my daughter in to her new home,
my nasty spill where I almost landed on a chihuahua,
my impending trip to Central America,
my reoccurring nightmares about a certain picture,
my bff's emergency appendectomy,
or just a sign I saw in a yard that caused me to think for DAYS..
I changed the way my blog looked.
I totally polished the silver.
I did however want to show you a picture where my peanut resides for the next school year as a token of good faith that I will stop polishing and WRITE!!
Just out of curiosity which one of those stories piqued your interest the most...
leave me a  message and help me out a little here..
I am running out of silver.

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evelyn said...

Always love your blogs.