Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Road Trip Revisited: A Jacktorial.

I had been anticipating this trip for awhile.
Two years to be exact.
The first time we would be together as a family.
The Jack road trip.

So it was only fitting that we picked up a little hitchhiker on our first day.
He was a quiet yet happy passenger and fittingly the name on his cap read, "Jack"
Hope you enjoy his journey.


Hales said...

that is the greatest texas waffle ever!!!! My mom would love that (with all her texas pride) haha

Bonnie said...

Your family is so FUN!!!

Megan Walker said...

Hahaha - so awesome! Reminds me of the days when Flat Stanley would go on adventures everywhere with us.

Jack seemed like a very cheerful passenger indeed. I loved how he was such a good helper filling up the gas tank, and how happy he looked to be tucked into his cozy flannel snowman bed :)

evelyn said...

Looks like both Jacks had a good time. But why didn't he get to play in the snow?

Just ME the MOM said...

Totally insane - that is one well traveled Jack!


Victoria said...

I am in LOVE with this post. A little prejudiced maybe, because I happen to love Jack. But it is brilliant. Oh, and guess what my word verification word is? kiesster!!! How great is that??? :)

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Victoria said...

'spose it would help if I tell you where the blog IS: www.archangelmusic.blogspot.com :)