Saturday, April 23, 2011

Half of 50 is 25........

I am trying to delete old files on my laptop computer.
I had a virus.
(And not anyone even brought me chicken soup or anything)
I thought that I had totally lost all my pictures and documents because I had to do a complete restore.
Then I realized that the computer is a sneaky little devil.
After I totally added all of the files from a back up location
I realized that everything was still on my computer after all.
Only it was hiding.
And so today I have played hide and go seek with my good friend Mr. Computer.
Yes...he is a guy.
Only a male could be this much trouble.
Anyway long story short
I came across a document that I wrote about a year or so ago.
It was 50 things you might not know about me.
And because I have sensed that you all are waiting patiently for just such a blog post.
I mean who wouldn't.....
I am going to post 25 today
and 25 next time.

So today's installment.........
1.     I am claustrophobic and can really only relax if I sit on the end of a row.
2.     I have a dog and like her but do not like “owning a dog’
3.     When I was little I thought I would grow up to star on a show like the Brady Bunch.
4.     I have known since I was born that God loves me.
5.     I can tie a cherry stem with my mouth.
6.     My favorite body part is my feet.
7.     I can only wear a tee shirt if it is a v neck.
8.     My favorite and lucky number is 8 and I was born on the eighth month and the eighth day.
9.     I am directly related to John Adams and John Quincy Adams.
10. I can pick up a roach with my bare hands
11. But I will scream if a gecko gets anywhere near me.
12. I knew I would marry my husband just a few days after talking to him.
13. I waited for him while he served a mission.
14. I do not like anything with red sauce in it.
15. I thought I hated pizza until I found out I only like it with pesto sauce and only if it is within what I call a pizza window (2 to 7 minutes)
16. Now pizza is one of my favorite foods ever.
17. I do not like spicy foods and believe that people who do have damaged their taste buds.
18. I do not believe there should ever be pain associated with eating.
19. My first car was a bright yellow VW rabbit.
20. I use to collect rabbits. (figurines)
21. I lived in downtown New York when I was five and still remember celebrating my birthday there.
22. I have a soft spot for people who stutter.
23. I feel guilty that I didn’t have more children.
24. I honestly feel that my children are amazing beyond belief.
25. I was bit on the rear end by a German Shepherd when I was 10.

Oh boy wasn't that fun!
I bet you can't wait until the last 25.......


Julie said...

I have a soft spot in my heart for people who stutter also. (Did you see The King's Speech?)

I DID enjoy learning more about you--looking forward to more!

Victoria said...

Hahahahaha I love those!!! :) My favorite pizza: homemade pizza dough, pesto, shrimp, pine nuts, sundried and fresh tomatoes. Mmmm.

Kristin said...

Nice to know! (taking notes . . .) What a great idea!


curly cawvy said...

I missed you, too