Tuesday, May 3, 2011

You're a TURTLE!

I hope you enjoyed my list of 25 things about me and then 25 more things....
Someone challenged #23....
He shall remain nameless.
I am sure that he would want it that way.
P.S. You can read his writings at boyceinthewilderness.blogspot.com
It is not something that I would claim without a fair amount of certainty....
I can look at a person and tell what animal they would be.
It's a gift.
The very first time was at church.
Sometimes surprisingly enough my mind can wander in the three hours of worship each Sabbath.
I happened to glance at a man sitting across the room listening reverently to the speaker and I knew right away.
easy smeasy.....
But that was when my skills were still young and underdeveloped.
Turtles are easy to pick out.
So are bears.
They are the fundamental ABC's of animal game.
As the years have passed I have sharpened my skill.
Some people are very easy to guess. They resemble an animal close enough as to not even have to think much about it.
Some people take some time to figure out.
Sometimes it has taken me days......
It is not just facial qualities either. It is also the personality of the person. It is their essence.
Don't be jealous...
It's just a gift.
And I will try and use it only for good.....
or when the speaker is droning on in a meeting.


Tom said...

You are still a wombat

Kristie said...

Just found your blog and this is hilarious!!! Now I'm wondering what animal I could possibly be???