Thursday, August 30, 2012

Meet the Sibs

I know I have talked about my brothers and sisters before but I don't think that you have been formally introduced....
We were all together last weekend for the wedding of my sweet niece Lisa and so a picture was taken. And because I think that for the first time in a long time we (my sister and I) are on a weight loss streak I feel like this is a picture that I can finally be happy with.
I mean....I actually like this picture.
And that hasn't happened since David was a wee tot....
So speaking of the baby I will start with the introductions from right to left.
The handsome man on the right is the youngest member of our family. With his movie star good looks he has actually been mistaken for Matthew Perry when seen in Hollywood.
If you have read my previous posts you will remember that I was not altogether thrilled with David usurping my "baby" throne in the family. We were loving enemies for a great deal of our childhood. With typical insults and threats we lived each day on a precarious tight rope of love. I thought his obnoxious habit of kissing everyone multiple times was gross and thus dubbed him the kissing bandit. I also often referred to him as my pesky little brother. He would torment me by sneaking around spying on me with dates and reporting back to the parents. He would warn me when I was angry with him that he would have 5 boys ALL like him and he would send them to stay and torment me every summer.
Sometime between the stage of pesky little brother and today developed a man that I am proud to call my brother. David is the person that I would choose to be on the Amazing Race with me. (for those who don't know about my worship of that show will not understand the compliment I just gave him) We would totally win.  He can do more in one hour than most men get done in a day. He is street smart with the ability to charm the pants off of any stranger. He is OCD with details and organization and a master of "git er done."
And he would do ANYTHING for his family. His love of family and desire to be around them is unparalleled. He prefers quality time AND quantity time. And when I have been in need he has answered every call. Always willing to help. He is the sibling that laughs the hardest at my jokes and shares my same slightly askew sense of humor.
Next in line is John....
But I have only ever called him Johnny. It might not fit for a man who is the president of The Children's Miracle Network.....or a man who rubbed elbows and was a speaker with Bill Clinton and George Bush and didn't even ask for a picture with them....a man who regularly competes and wins in grueling bike races like Lotoja or completes Iron Man triathlons.....
But he will always be Johnny to me.
The sometimes mysterious older brother who set the bar for all of us siblings a might high.
I will forever remember him as the brother who when getting a trail motorcycle Honda 90, who was not too embarrassed to take his little sister on rides around the hills of West Virginia.
or the brother who created a fictional character, E-E the monkey, who would talk to use through the amazing magic of the reel to reel tape recorder, sounding like a monkey from outer space.
His nickname is "the alien" because he keeps a lot of feelings to himself and acts like he doesn't remember all the past memories when we talk about them. We joke that our brother we grew up with was swooped up into an alien craft and replaced....but I really don't think that.
That's why I still call him Johnny.....
Even though to the rest of the world he is John.
And last but not least on the left is my favorite sister.
It's nice to only have one sometimes.....the competition is easier. That being said, "Precious" as I call her would be anyone's favorite sister. She is the heart beat of our family. She is the one to sit next to at the table during cut throat family card games because she will help you to win. She is one of the most generous people I know. She never forgets a special occasion and I always look forward to the thoughtful sweet gifts and cards from her written in her meticulous flowing print. As young girls we shared everything....sometimes willingly and sometimes begrudgingly...and Heidi was always pretty patient with her feisty younger sister.  I always tell people to imagine me and then think of the opposite and that's my sister Heidi. I hope she knows what a compliment that is. How much I think she possesses the qualities that I desire in myself....patience, love, service to others, generosity and the ability to take life as it comes with courage and determination.
My favorite Heidi saying that I use all the time with reverence...
"It is what it is."
And with that I say I am blessed to walk this earth with such wonderful siblings, playmates, frenemies, best friends, and family
It definitely is what it is.
And I love it.


Linda said...

What a fabulous picture! You all look amazing and your words are a glowing tribute to the wonderful family you belong to. I love the Laucks!

David Lauck said...

It wouldn't be fair that there were no comments about I think I will have to write a few!

Shelley had many nicknames, but the one I will choose is Dimple Darling for the big dimples that would highlight her beautiful smile. Shelley was my closest siblings, so we got to spend the most time together. Shelley made me my first birthday cake! :-) Shelley and I would draw on each other's feet with a pen. Shelley and I would always share Spaghetti O's with Meatballs...She would eat the pasta and I would eat the meatballs. We made a good team. Shelley was always the witty one of the family. I realize that I used to take great joy in tormenting her, but despite all of that, she loved me anyway. As the years have passed, I have enjoyed how our relationship has evolved. Gone are the days of teasing which have been replaced by admiration for the incredible mother, photographer, and dear friend that she has become. I love her with all my heart and will always cherish the special relationship I have with my sister!

Love you sis!

Shewinn8 said...

Baby Davey you are too kind. Now I will have to stop calling you my pesky little brother. Love you right back!

evelyn said...

You need to know who took this lovely picture. You might have guessed that it was their creator