Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Public Service Announcement.

Look how bright and colorful.
You know that you eat with your eyes before it ever hits your palate.
This is a meal to delight all of the senses.
Well except for one that is.
It smells good.
It looks good.
It sounds good. (crunch crunch)
It even feels good.
So hmmmm I wonder what sense I have left out?
This on the other hand is NOT very colorful.
It is mostly browns and beige.
It does not feel good to your hand. It is very sticky.
The smell is not as strong.
It does not make a snapping sound in your mouth.
It really only appeals to one of the senses......
This message has been brought to you by someone very grouchy and bitter about her "healthy lifestyle" changes.
She would like you to join her.
Not because she is worried about your health.
But because misery LOVES company.


Tinker said...
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Tinker said...

You have to think of things differently. Pic #1 - Healthy, hopefully organic, loaded with things that will keep you enjoying that grandbaby and the more that will come for a long time. Pic#2 -"A minute on the lips - forever on the hips." made with a lot of ingredients that have been genetically engineered (which have been insufficently tested and will probably be causing all kinds of havoc in our bodies in another 10 - 15 yrs), made with milk from cows given Bovine Growth Hormone which has been linked in a few studies (with more to come probably) to breast and prostate cancer. I'm trying very hard to remove GMO's and GE organisms from my diet - I'm not waitng for the "Just Label It" program to be implimented by our government - I may be too old before that happens. It's getting easier to look at stuff and say "No". Honest, it takes time but your taste buds do adjust. Also, I have some recipes for fudgy brownies using Medjool dates. Good Luck!