Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thoughts on Thanksgiving.

I entered the gas station feeling kind of blah.
It was one of those days where I didn't get as much done as I should have.
I didn't receive the usual injection of liquid sunshine called Kate and Sam.
I hadn't left the house all day
And EVERYONE in Missouri City was in their car driving willy-nilly like I was in a some low budget end of the world...pre apocalyptic frenzy.
Oh yeah Thanksgiving.
I had almost forgot about that. It has never been my favorite holiday. There are no costumes or scary presents are exchanged....there isn't any thanksgiving music unless you count that Over the river and through the woods song that everyone forgets the words to.
I am fortunate to be the daughter of one of the best cooks in the county so no one is going over any woods or through any rivers to beat a path to this grandmas house.
So there are no last minute runs to the grocery store and no far away travel plans for me like there are for every other nut cake weaving and speeding down Highway 6.
Just a need for a 44 ounce drink and some gas and then back home.
I approached the check out counter and exchanged the usual pleasantries...
"How are you doing tonight?" I asked the clerk.
(I come genetically from a long line of people who talk to strangers like they know them.)
"Not sure yet" was her answer.
Figuring that she was talking about the fact that she was working at night in a gas station was the probable cause for her hesitancy I answered her with,
"Oh because you are probably tired of being here and about to get off soon."
"No..." she said thoughtfully, I just got here. This is my second job."
She seemed to actually still be pondering my original question.
"I was able to get some of the cooking done yesterday" she finally concluded as if she were mentally ticking off her checklist of tasks."
"Oh...okay, I muttered sheepishly, I am lucky....I don't have to cook mom still lives close by." I said the word "still" with a little shame and renewed sense of gratitude.
"You are lucky" she pronounced,"My mother passed away when I was 23." Her eyes suddenly brimmed with tears as it looked as if she had just found out....all over again. She quickly looked down at the change in her register.
I was at a loss for big cup of ice and diet coke in my hands.
I stood there for a second and then finally uttered,
"God bless you and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving."
And I meant every word of it.

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