Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It Started With a Wink post script

I wanted to add a post script to my story,
Of Mr. T and I meeting.
That has always seemed pretty amazing to me.
And I neglected to include it in the original post.
Mr. T and I grew up in the same stake.
For my readers who are not LDS
Church units are divided geographically into wards.
Those are the people that you see and worship with every Sunday.
The wards are then put together in unit called a Stake.
(sounds delicious but unfortunately there is no high end beef served there)
As a teenager you are constantly meeting with other teenagers in your stake
For dances and youth conferences and firesides.
(firesides are sunday meetings where there is a smores or anything)
Mr. T. and I grew up in the same stake
And I NEVER laid eyes on him until that amazing, heart beat inducing, photograph.
Trust me!
I would NOT have overlooked someone like him
Later I even found our names on the same committee for a youth conference.
An explanation, you ask?
That's a good question....
Fate, kismet, call it what you will
Sometimes things just work out like that.
Like on one of my favorite shows LOST,
They show the main characters in flashbacks walking by each other with no knowledge of their true destiny.
But when the time is right....

And in other news.....
Here is what NOT to give me for mother's day....
Not that I thought you would give me anything
But just in case.......

I saw this on an infomercial at about 2 am.
You really have to see the commercial to appreciate the creepiness.
It is two stuffed arms.
They come in a box that looks like it might contain a dozen roses.
But is two severed arms that you are suppose to wrap around your neck or waist.
But here is the best part....
You push a button....
And the arms talk.
In the voice of your loved one.
Talking severed arms.
Happy Mother's Day

P.S. again: After Mother's Day what do you do with your talking severed arms. Do you continue to wrap them around you? Do you put them back in the box until next year? Do you pass them on to someone else who might need a hug? Just wondering......

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Bonnie said...

Hahahaha!!! That makes me want to buy you a pair just for fun!!! I agree, creepy, creepy! Your husband is a lucky man, by the way!!