Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Well after two long years I had the moment that I had often dreamed about.
It did not disappoint.
I have so much to tell you
about Elder Winn and Guatemala and lessons I learned about myself...
The week has been a blur and every time I sat down to write about it there was something more important...
My son.
It's no fun to sit in a hotel room and watch someone blog
He can tell you that.
So with what little free time I have had was spent giving him my full attention.
There were pictures to look at.
Journals to read
Experiences to hear about
and two years worth of scratching his head (something he liked me to do for him) to catch up on.
I don't mind a minute of it.
To tide you over until I am back at home where I can properly tell you about my adventures, I will post something that I wasn't sure I would.
The video of "THE HUG"
I hate videos of myself
Hate them.
And I look a little serious.
I wasn't.
I was overwhelmed with emotion.
I guess that's what I look like when I am overwhelmed.
It was amazing.
There is much more fun and adventure to come..
So stay tuned friends
I will try to make it worth your while.
(video is reposted above....yea look's there)


Cynthia said...

Woo Hoo! I am so excited for you. Two years of holding your breath are finally over. Enjoy every minute of getting re-acquainted with the more grown-up version of your son. We'll still be around when you come back.

Congrats on a mission well-served!

Meegan said...

LOVE this!!! You are simply one of the best moms I know!
It's the experience of a lifetime, isn't it? So very happy for you!!!

Leslie said...

So absolutely wonderful! Take your time and enjoy your Jack! Congratulations Elder Winn. We love and appreciate you and all your hard work, dedication, and service. We'll meet you soon!
P.S. I couldn't get the video to work :(

Just ME the MOM said...

That is one happy momma in the photo. Couldn't get the video to work, it said try later - so I'll be back :)

Enjoy <3 Enjoy <3 Enjoy <3