Thursday, January 20, 2011

Big Bro

I don't think I have ever blogged about my older brother.
But that's him in the picture.
Standing to the left of Miss America
Yeah THE Miss America 2011 (it's not often I get the chance to do any name dropping)
But that's big bro.
He has a kinda modern day midas touch.
Sometimes it seems like he is one of the luckiest guys ever.
But I don't think that's it.
You want to know what I think?
Lean in a little closer and I will tell you his secret....
Big Bro is without a doubt THE most optimistic person I have EVER met.
Almost pathologically so.
For instance,
Accident on an ATV and his jaw wired shut for weeks?
Best thing that ever happened to him.
That's when he discovered a diet to further tone and condition his body.
Change in employment?
Couldn't be a better time for it. He was able to participate on a bike racing team.
Moving to a new house leaving behind their old home?
This is the BEST house ever.
It seems like by always looking at the bright side of life..
good things just seem to happen.
Even when things get tough.
I use to poke fun at it a little being the natural pessimist with a wee touch of sarcasm that I am.
But the more years I am on this spinning orb,
the more I admire it.
Not sure I can completely adopt it,
but I think he might be on to something.
So whether it's the top of a mountain you just climbed,
a professional bike race you just finished,
a new company you are in charge of,
or you just happen to be standing by Miss America....
Here's looking at you Big Bro.


Megan Walker said...

Awww....... what a sweet post :) And I wholeheartedly agree - optimism is the way to get through life. I can sink to that cynical, sarcastic side so easily..... and I love to play with sarcasm, but have to be careful to know when to stop. I am not a pessimistic person - I am realistic, and like to lean toward optimism. Like you said, after all these years of being on the earth and observing people and situations, optimistic people really ARE the happiest people. It makes such a difference!

Meg from wild child

Victoria said...

My mom never put up with gloomy attitudes or pessimism. I sort of resented that at times, and my dad occasionally poked a little good-natured fun at her Polly-Anna attitude. But I am grateful every day that I was raised that way, so that I tend to see the bright side. Great tribute to your big brother. :)

Anonymous said...

Read a press release about his new CEO job. Great guy!

Lelani said...

Love this post! I've been accused of being too positive sometimes ... Maybe now I can wait for all the great things to happen too! lol Miss America!