Thursday, January 27, 2011

No parking stopping or standing ANYTIME!

I had to take a picture of this sign the minute I saw it.
Thank heavens for my trusty iphone.
(actually I have a pocket size Nikon I keep in my purse as a back up camera....yes I am a complete and utter photo nerd)
I understand the no parking part....
The stopping? I don't like it but I guess that's ok....
That seems to violate a common liberty.
Isn't standing on a public street on a public sidewalk a right protected by the constitution?
I think I may have found a loophole though.
What about sitting but constantly flailing around?
It might just be worth a second trip over there.
But then again maybe I should just mind my own p's and q's.
I seem to have turned into the type of "older" person who just blurts out weird statements of fact.
I remember about 10 years ago I approached a sister in the ward who had been storing food storage in her garage after we had made a food order as a group.
I needed to ask a question about what was still left in her garage.
Now in her defense she had just finished with what looked like a pretty chaotic youth activity and although it was over she probably needed that all important "decompression" time that is vital with active service in the church,
But I thought I would just ask if there were any lids or cans, that came with the order.
Her eyes narrowed as she looked into mine, threw up her arms and yelled,
I backed off slowly a little shocked by the answer.

Fast forward to this morning where I received a phone call from a number I didn't recognize.
I should have just not answered,
but with all my kids away from home I have this fear that it is them calling from somewhere, possibly crying, hurt or bleeding using someone else's phone,
so let's just say I am ripe for the picking for ring ring ring of the marketing masses.
Once they begin their spiel there is not much time to cut in and I continue to fight the manners and etiquette phase of my youth about not ever hanging up on someone, so as she assured me that this call was NOT about selling me anything.....yeah right......she wanted to ask me some questions about my water supply.
The first thing that came to my head other than I do not want to talk to you was.....
I know nothing about my water supply other than you turn a knob and it goes on, you turn it the other way and it goes off.
And so I ended up simply saying in my best firm authoratative voice,
and guess what?
It worked.


Cynthia said...

Well, to be fair, when they are calling your home without your permission or interest, you can hardly be blamed for not being patient. I think your answer wasn't bad at all- you didn't attack the caller, just asserted yourself. You go!

Victoria said...

Haha... I like telling people, "I'm not the decision-maker." It doesn't usually stop them. So then I give them the crazy eyes and foam at the mouth...