Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Clickety Clickety FOLLOW

Who is this ghostly spectre?
What made her life so grim?
I will tell you......
if you really want to know.
She took her own life because.......
No one clicked to the right of her blog where the button said....
Nah I'm just teasing.
But it would make me happy to know who you are out there.
It's easy....
Click the button
It's on the left side
Scroll down a little
Your picture would be there and
I will get to see you....
And then I will tell the real reason for her demise.
Cmon....you know you want to.


Cynthia said...

I clicked that button a long time ago! I just don't venture into blogland as much as I used to. Dang Pinterest timesuck!

Just saying high anyway!

Victoria said...

I thought I had followed you long ago... apparently not. Hope things are going well. It has been a busy few months and I'm trying to catch up! :)