Tuesday, February 7, 2012

If a little's good.....

My Grandpa Rampton used to like to say when indulging in a favorite food....
If a little's good..a LOT is better!
I have been applying that to the internet lately with some rather frustrating results I must say.
When computers first came out before the world wide web
(Can you imagine a time before the internet?...My kids think it is hilarious that I was born before the invention of the Egg McMuffin let alone the personal computer)
I remember playing a very rudimentary game of Jeopardy on my parents new computer and thinking
If I could just play this game every day...
I would be happy.
But I didn't own one yet and the novelty of the computer when visiting my parents made necessary a sharing policy which did not suit my wants.
Then came the internet.
I had an email account with Juno (remember them...My dad still uses his juno account for email. I think he is their last and only customer. He is loyal like that. If it ain't broke.....
Then MySpace
Then it was facebook
(My husband still once in awhile calls it spacebook)

But only for the cool college kids so I had to settle for spying from my daughters account.
Then the rest of us, the common masses, the sneeches without stars on our bellies, were allowed to join.
Then blogging.
Didn't intend to start but somehow did. (I blame you Dave)
Then twitter.
I got an account...
Never had anything to say
Then with my new passion for photography I joined multiple groups....
Clickin Moms, SmugMug, Professional Photography, Photography for Dummies, Photography People, Photographic Phglem.....okay so I am making some of them up....but that's only because I can't remember all of their names.
My emails are growing exponentially by leaps and bounds...
I try to mostly focus on this blog and facebook
whilst occasionally checking on the rest of them...
well those that I remember joining.
I try to get followers for this blog
and my photography site
(because that's what all the cool kids and the star bellied sneetches do)
and it's like pulling teeth.
(This is a blatant plug for liking me and following me if you haven't already...I don't know why it makes me happy but it does)
So this week I get an invitation for Pinterest.
I know from the buzz on the streets that this is new place where all the cool kids are hanging.
And you have to be invited..
After all isn't that what makes it even cooler?
So of course I join.
Not sure I have anything to "pin"
or the time to look at anyone else's bulletin board but hey
Now here is the irony.
I get 4 or 5 emails a day saying that different people are following me or friends with me or "pin" pals or whatever you call it.
What are you following people?
I haven't done ANYTHING!
I am pinless...
Is there an award for the person who collects the most bulletin boards?
Is there a cash prize?
Please let me know.
And while your at it...
Do you know what my username and password is for all of these things..
Because I don't.

Now go and follow me here on this blog and SheWinn Photography.....pretty please????

1 comment:

Kristie said...

Pinterest is tricky like that. They just automatically have you follow people you are friends with on facebook and they kind of do it a few at a time. The people who are now following you probably don't even know they are and didn't even request.

Not that I don't totally want to follow everyone I can - i just think it's weird how it works.

I have always followed your blog, but now I am official :)