Monday, January 26, 2009


I am a woman of many moods. How do I know this? Is it the fact that I am a woman and by my very genetics is a given? Is it because I have an incredible level of self awareness? Is it the frightened
looks on loved ones faces when a new mood emerges? is not any of
of those things (Do you think that the use of nay "dates me") It is because
I have a mood ring.
Not just any mood ring. This is a bona fide mood ring from the early 70's. Not the cheap imitations that surfaced a few years ago when they tried to revive the trend. This ring was forged in a simpler time. No cell gameboys to amuse or hypnotize us. This was not only jewelry but it was TECHNOLOGY! My friends and I all had one and we took very seriously the rings ability to gauge our moods and therefore predict our future. (Besides Quija boards were a no no for good mormon boys and girls.) For those of your who aren't familiar with the mood ring I will explain: First you put the ring on your finger and wait until it changes color.
The color black means: anxious, excitable
green means: sensitive
blue-green means: relaxed, calm
blue means: happy, love
amber means: nervous, tense
amber green means: troubled, uneasy
After you detemined your mood you were then free to make important
life decisions based on the power of the ring. As you can see today I am
relaxed and calm. Whew I'm glad about that!
I found it the other day while cleaning out my jewelry
box. (otherwise known as going down memory lane) I found a forgotten
cache of rings. It is an interesting and odd assortment. It's like a
time capsule of being a teen in the 70's. So dear readers
you are in luck this week. This is only the first installment on a series that
should keep you entertained all week. don't care about my
rings?? Watch it my mood ring is turning amber!
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