Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Senior moment

So no trip down my ring memory lane would be complete without the obligatory senior ring photo. Why two? Well no self respecting girl from the class of 79 would be without her boyfriend's senior ring too. That's right. A young man would spend (or have his parents spend) a major chunk of change on a big ole senior ring (have I told you that in Texas bigger is ALWAYS better) and then he would then turn around and give it to some dumb girl. (well except for me) I chose the ring with the weird blue rainbowey hue to it. I have to question my teenage taste when I look at it now. I wore it for a year and of course ceased to wear it when I went to college. I mean who would be juvenile enough to wear it then. I am happy to say that my kids did NOT get a senior ring. It's not that the same exact company that sold my husband and I our dust catchers did not send out their glossy catalog to try and entice them, it's just they didn't care about it. My husband, possibly in an attempt to assuage his own guilt over making his parents buy him one, asked and offered each of our children a senior ring. They politely declined. Smart kids. Perhaps there is hope for this new generation.
P.S. If my son would have wanted one you can be sure that the only way he could give it to some girl would be over my dead body and when he paid for it himself. My husband is just lucky that he lives in the same house as me and can visit his senior ring whenever he wants.
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