Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Did you think I dis-ta-peared???

(Note the serious look...I have not yet mastered smiling at the right time on the webcam lol)

One of my children (I can't say I remember which one for sure) when they were little loved to say when things were mysteriously gone that they just dista-peared! I am sorry to say that for quite awhile I think I just dista-peared. I would like to say that there were hugely compelling reasons but it just sorta happened. Sure there were things like Christmas shopping and wedding planning, candy making and airport shuttling, package wrapping and movie watching but really the long and short of it is that me...Momshell......well just kinda dista-peared. I don't know if that means I am just not cut out for the blogging world or if now that a new year has begun I will reappear and stay for good. I guess it will be something to watch out for. Maybe the webcam on my new laptop that Mr. T so sweetly gave me for Christmas will keep me appearing on a regular basis. Maybe my blogging nap is over and I can resume this experiment with all of the joie de vive that it deserves. Stay tuned my loyal readers.

P.S. Thank you Joey for the kind words on your blog! You made my day!
P.S.S. Happy New Year everyone!!

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JoeyDoey said...

You should do video blogs with your new fangle-dangle techno-toy.