Friday, May 8, 2009

Slighty Plump

Words describing Nancy:
blue eyes sparkled
attractive face
gazed fondly
world's best girl detective

Words to describe Bess:
slightly plump

The last time I used the word plump was in conjunction with the words moist and tender and referred to a turkey.

At least that isn't as bad as what they called the big girl section when my mom was young.
On one particular outing to the department store my mother was sized up by a snooty sales woman who told my grandmother, "Perhaps you should take her to the Chub-ette section of the store." Yup that's what they called it. Chub-ettes.

She was probably by today's standards maybe a size 9 or 11 back then. That was back before the day of the "supersize me" generation. Poor Bess was probably a size 7.

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TDW said...

Chubette - How mean! She was scarred for life, I'm sure. I should know. I was always directed to the "Husky" section when I was clothes shopping as a boy. Ouch!