Thursday, May 7, 2009

That's my problem!

That's it! I am standing too close to my mirrors! That is why I am appearing larger......because I am closer than I thought. Whew! Another
mystery solved! I am a frickin Nancy Drew.
Or maybe
I am just Bess.
How was she described in the books?
Nancy's slightly pudgy (but with a pretty face) friend who
helps Nancy by standing around with her face flushed (on account of the extra weight and all) saying, "Nancy you are so smart" or "Nancy how did you know that?"
Yup I am Bess.

When I was young I pitied Nancy's sidekicks Bess and George. They
were bit players. Nancy suck ups. Not even fit to shine her shoes. (Here is the part of the story where I would talk about what I think George represented but noooo sir I am not touching that one with a stick this morning. I have read all of the Miss America controversy and I am staying out of it....let's just say she seemed like a nice girl and she was thin.)

But today I wish I was Bess.
But I have gone past pudgy and can break out in a sweat just thinking about leaving the house to run around all the time looking for trouble. I wouldn't have any encouraging words for Nancy. I would just tell her to mind her own business and maybe make time to actually date Ned without running off looking for clues.
Yeah I am a little touchy this morning.
My daughter made cupcakes yesterday.
I had a couple....and then looked in the mirror.
Where apparently I was just standing too close.
I will just stand further back today.
Hey wait a minute.
Even then I will appear closer
Those dang mirrors!
Anybody got a hammer?

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JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Hee Hee - LOL, a fun post! I loved Nancy Drew as a young reader, oh what great adventures. Haven't thought about Bess and Ned in ages. Thanks for the reminder;)


Beeswax said...

Course, everybody wants to be Nancy, but if you can't be Nancy, Bess is better than George. Maybe. No. Bess was a bit of a simp.

I wanted to name my first children Nancy and Ned.

You (and your fry sauce) are SAUCY! I wish I was a Saucy Mom, too.