Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You really can "have it your way"

Raar is interviewing for teaching jobs right now. The economy is kinda scary for all of those 2009 college graduates but I have no doubt she will succeed. She has always been unbelieveably amazing in finding employment. Her first job at 16 was working at Burger King. She was not too happy about working in fast food but her Dad and I really pushed it because it was close by and we had to drive her back and forth. They also would hire anyone with a pulse.
Her manager was a middle aged woman with a pulse and not a very good command of the english language. Even though Megan recieved a name tag with her spiffy new uniform ( we snickered about the fact that the back of her hat read "Have it your way". Seems a little suggestive for a teenage girl to be wearing) the manager could never quite call her by name. She called her "lady".....as in "Hey lady, scoop me some fries." or "Hey lady, you to clean tables".
Well after two months of Hey Lady, Lady wanted another job. I warned her that being 16 with no real job skills that she shouldn't get her hopes up for something much better. She just ignored me. She made a very professional looking resume, put on a nice outfit, got in her car and waved goodbye.
I shook my head and thought to myself tsk tsk......poor thing....she will learn just how hard it is to be turned down. She will see that it is a hard cruel world out there for a teenager with no real work experience. How soon she will lose that optimistic naive view of the world.
About an hour later her car pulled up in the driveway.
Back so soon? It must have been more brutal than even I had imagined.
I put on my best sympathetic mom face to greet her.
Come here sweetie let me give you a hug.
You got a job?
At an optometrist.
(wiping suprised look off of my face)
Oh Raar sweetie....I knew that you could do it all the time.

P.S. She has had about 7 different jobs over the last 6 years. All of them were secured on the first day she went out looking. Good jobs too. I guess she really does know how to have it "her way"
P.S.S. I am hoping that she snags a teaching job at a high school like this. The slide would be perfect for unruly behavior. I wish I had had one in my teaching days.

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