Friday, August 20, 2010

Beautiful Surf....

A reader posted a comment that seemed to sum up my week...
which roughly translated means
(and I do mean roughly translated)
Life is like surging waves, if not rock the block, how can they create beautiful surf? 
Which I took to mean....
That in life our obstacles create the beautiful surf from the surging waves.
I am having a week of surging waves and a few big rocks to hurdle.
So I appreciated the reminder.
To sit back and look for the beauty of the surf.
And so to my blogger friend who left the helpful comment....
And to everyone else....
Surfs up!


Anonymous said...


Just ME the MOM said...

Amazing photo! I'm very impressed with the translations as well ;)



incidently - my WV is logympkn, can't really express what goes through my mind with that one :)