Friday, August 13, 2010

Who needs a dog?

my new camera!!
It is just a small one for my pocket
to take pictures of EVERYONE in Guatemala.
(or a certain someone)
It has all of the new quirky features for people that think that playing
with a camera is just about the best thing EVER!
It has a fish eye
a color swappper (not the techie term for that)
a color isolator thingee (that IS the technical term for that one)
a color saturator
a miniatures feature
a blink warning indicator (I have pirate eye...a term I coined for my ability to close one eye for EVERY picture of me)
a panoramic stitcher thing that actually SEWS my photos together into one
and a little genie that will pop out of my camera and clean my room and other chores..
(no not really but that would make me love it so much I might marry it)
But seriously....the best feature ever is
No really I mean it.
It recognizes my face and waits until I get into the shot
(if I should so choose to set it on this feature which I never will since I hate hate hate pictures of me...remember pirate eye??)
and THEN it snaps the shot!
I can also set it to take a picture when I wink!!!!
or SMILE!!!
Can you believe it?
I know that I can't.
I am going to just sit and hold it today in my hands and marvel at it's abilities.
With this kind of technology.
Who needs a pet?

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Heidi said...

Poor, poor Sadie! What do you mean...who needs a dog?! A dog is God's gift to man and I can tell by looking at Sadie's face that she is feeling a bit unloved and unappreciated as well as odd man out. You better make it up to her!! :)