Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thought provoking Tuesday

I like to think.
It gives me something to do while I do my other favorite thing.
And I often have things that I wonder about.
So in an effort to share
I am going to commit to
(trumpets are playing a bah bah bah BAH!)
A different random thought every Tuesday.
(don't get too excited..I also said that I would clean my room today too...hasn't happened)
Here is today's
When did we become a people that feel the need to list our accomplishments on our vehicles?
Like some sort of moving billboard of our personal lives.
I started to ponder this today as I came home from my Sonic Happy Hour Drink run and was driving behind a car that had a license plate cover that proudly declared,
"BOTH of my sons are Eagle Scouts. (emphasis added)
(whewf aren't you glad that they both did or else it would have had to read "Only one of my sons is an Eagle Scout...we are really worried about the other one)
I remember a time when the back window of a car was reserved for checking your blind spot
and I could only guess at the fact that your child is a soccer/band/ballet/baseball honor student.
Back in the the day when we realized the only other people interested in that was Grandma and Grandpa and then only marginally so.
It started out innocently enough with the little stick figures of how many people were in your family..
A fact that ever other driver on the road is fascinated by.
Then the stick figures became symbols that told something about your life...
like flip flops,
or people holding bats and balls.
Then the addition of pets...a sad day indeed.
We were then treated to their numbers on the various sports teams they competed on,
which I must say will come in handy if I ever go to one of their games,
"Look Mr. T, there is #79...his mother drives a white Mercedes SUV.
Now I see names underneath the figures....
I remember being warned as a young mother not to write my child's name on their lunchbox so that a stranger/pervert couldn't call them by name to help him find his lost puppy.
I guess that doesn't apply to moving vehicles.
Maybe it doesn't matter whether or not I am impressed with your accomplishments.
Maybe it is my being raised with my Grandma saying, "fools names in foolish places"
Maybe I am just not proud enough of my children's accomplishments to invest in a decal.
I was just wondering....

Before you write any pithy comebacks or go and scrape those stickers off your back window, I apologize if I hit a nerve...My motto has always been live and let live.

P.S. Enlarge the picture and see if you can guess what made me chuckle and take a picture of this one.


Anonymous said...


Lelani said...

oh my gosh! that's one of the Texas things I don't understand. about a month, I saw on the news that a girl was raped at home. someone had followed the car home to see where she lived and then came over when he knew she was there alone. that seemed to obvious to me from the first day ... so whether you do it or not, I guess it's a private decision. but I'm not posting my children's names on the back of the car or on their bedroom windows.

evelyn said...

Can't wait for the next one. You always make me laugh.

Just ME the MOM said...

Yes, very thought provoking! I chuckled all the way through so glad I stopped by today. But not really sure why you took the picture . . .


Twins Squared said...

I'm with you on all accounts!