Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Up side of Aging

I was not always the wife that I am now.
Not that I am a perfect wife now but like expensive wines and cheese I think I have improved with age.
At least when it comes to football.
Have I told you that Mr. T loves college football?
I could probably list on one hand the things that Mr. T LOVES...
I feel confident that I am high on that list,
but football definitely comes pretty closely behind.
He was a great player in high school and was offered a scholarship to BYU
where we met as freshmen.
He gave it up when after returning from his mission,
He married me.
And we went to Houston to live.
When we were first married I admit to being a little jealous of the time and attention he gave to his beloved football.
I was jealous of anything that took his attention off of me.
School, Work, church,
and football.
He bought season tickets every year to the U of H cougars.
Most seasons they....for lack of a better word....stunk!
That didn't matter.
He was a true loyal fan.
I started to resent this love a little less when he started the tradition of taking the two oldest children with him to the games,
Leaving me with only one child which seemed like a vacation.
He didn't have to do that and I am sure there were times at the stadium that he wished he hadn't.
But he never complained.
Even when they accidently flung a cheese covered jalapeno at a burly man a few rows down.
(That is one of their favorite U of H game memories. It still makes them laugh)
Then he started taking all three.
Unfortunately none of them really developed or shared the love of football that their Dad has,
but I know they treasure the memories of a Dad who shared his time with them.
Now that they are grown there is an empty place to fill.
(Did I mention that I do NOT like watching sports or large crowds)
Now here is the miracle of aging.....
I love this U of H man so much
That I now accompany him to his beloved Cougar games.
And when around April or May and he begins his countdown with an enormous smile on his face.
"14 more weeks until football season"
I must admit that I smile too.
How can you dislike something that makes someone you love so much, so flippin happy?
I know I can't.
Also I figured out a way to combine our interests. He watches and yells and cheers and I take pictures....
A true match made in heaven.
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Cynthia said...

This is the very definition of love- or at least part of it. I don't particularly love Jazz music- not the way the spouse does- but I go and I listen because I like to see the joy it brings him.

Sounds like your Hubs has built some great memories with the kids on those football outings. It's worth it all right there if that is the outcome.

Victoria said...

Very sweet... and good for you, because sometimes it goes the other way, where over the years you develop a pattern by which he KNOWS you will not go to a game with him. Awesome!

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Good for you! It sounds like you really actually do enjoy it! Of course, maybe it's just getting away with the MR, and having a great time together. At least here in Utah, it's frequently FREEZING, so you you get to cuddle up for most of the game so you don't freeze to death:)


Tom said...

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