Monday, November 16, 2009

Warning: This post starts out sad but ends with gratitude

I told myself I wouldn't do it!
I agreed with myself that there would be no more
Poor me, I miss my son posts
Or it's hard to be a mother of a missionary.
Wah Wah somebody call the "Wah"mbulance.
But it kinda ends with a moral of sorts.
So you make the call.
You can continue to read
just push the little red x in the box in your upper right hand corner.
So I guess you decided to stay.
I waited for my email this morning that comes
every monday from Central America.
Guatemala to be exact.
I had some troubling feelings the day before that I kept shrugging off.
But to be honest I am prone to my spidey sense tingling too often anyway.
This time I was right on the money.
He is sick
He has fever.
No parasite but I think fever bothers me more than parasites.
He was made a zone leader a few weeks ago and was describing how it was a lot more work,
but that he loved it
was humbled by it.
I think he may have overdone it a little.
Of course my mind races...
Dengue Fever
Quiet down mind....Fear is my enemy....I will not give in.
Too late.
So I did what I had decided I should do when I get like this
Keep busy.
I went with my Peanut to work out at the gym.
I had promised myself that I would do that everyday.
For myself
and my husband and kids.
I then spent the rest of the day with my daughter.
Luckily she was in a talkative mood.
She talked about, boys, exercise, college, doubt, testimony, family, food, friends.
I listened and listened and listened
and thanked my lucky stars that I had that time with her to talk about
everything and nothing
and hug her tightly.
I will do that with my Elder again too.
only it will not be filled with talking.
It might be playing a video game or looking at the pictures from Guatemala
or shopping for the latest technology or just being in the same room
But you can bet on one thing.
There will be hugging!
Thanks for not clicking the x in the red box.
Thanks for listening.
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Victoria said...

He looks like a GIANT with those little Guatemalan people!!! Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry he is sick again.:(

Kerry B said...

Interesting how we are so connected to those we love, no matter the distance. I still know when something is wrong.

He's in the best possible place and time. He's in the best possible hands. I know it's difficult to think that someone could love him more than you do, but you know our Heavenly Father does.

My counsel: take a deep calming breath and trust. Trust your Heavenly Father, trust yourself, trust your son. This is part of cutting the cord, of realizing that he has learned from you, that he can take care of himself, that he is a man.

At the same time, he's still your one and only baby boy, no matter how grown up he is--at least that's how it is in our home. This Friday, when my 27 year old is sitting with me, I'll think of you and your boy and hug him extra long for a certain Elder in Guatemala.

How many more months? How can we fix up he and Sarah without both of them (and our husbands!) thinking that it's a fix-up???

Hang in there, mom! word verification was ststiess!!

Crystal said...

Hey, I just came across your cute blog. I love the title "momshell" so cute!!! Anyway, I love meeting other moms, and getting advice on all that mom stuff. I started a blog for moms, hoping to collect helpful advice, as well as discuss certain topics. Feel free to check it out, and please share comments, and advice :)

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Ahhh darn it - sorry you have to worry another week for him. I don't know which was better when my boys were out we got letters a couple times a month, no email. By the time I heard they were sick, they were always over it by then and I missed out on all the worrying.

Just think only a couple more weeks and you'll be having a real live phone conversation with him. Yay!

Hang in there - or hang out there at the gym :)