Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Anemia....I kinda miss it.

This is the face of anemia.
Sonic Ice....purchased two bags at a time
I couldn't get enough of it.....
I was up to 6 bags a week
10 pounds each.
Chew Chew Crunch Crunch
It's a condition called pica and is a symptom of anemia
along with extreme fatigue.
Worry not dear readers.... I am being treated.
After being finally correctly diagnosed with anemia and taking iron three times a day
I am cured or at least on my way.
I do have more energy....much more energy
And I think that I am definitely happier
I kinda miss it.
There were some benefits that I never realized until now.
1. Loss of appetite.....I was never hungry. I never felt like I needed to eat. I could fast on Sundays with the best of them and piously feel superior.
2. No mosquito bites.....In the three years I calculate that I was pretty anemic I never had one mosquito bite. Isn't that amazing. The mosquitos are big enough down here to saddle up and ride and I went bite free while my husband was attacked and sucked dry. They must be smarter than they look. They knew before I did that my blood was not quality stuff. I guess they took one sniff and decided that I wasn't worth. Mr. T on the other hand.....yum yum.
I now bear the scars of multiple bites on my legs and feet. Bzzz Bzzz mosquito buddies, iron rich blood ...come and get it!
3. I miss my ice.
It was something that I knew that I really really wanted....every day.....from the first moment of waking up to the last moment before I slept. Sometimes bedtime was dictated solely based on when I finished my last cup of ice. I could not let a single pellet go to waste. I wanted ice and I had ice of the finest kind....Sonic ice and I made sure that there was always a weeks supply. I very simply LOVED ice. And a few weeks after taking the iron it was like a switch being flipped.
I no longer felt the love and desire for the ice.
It was like that crush you had on a boy that ruled your thoughts and your world until that one day.....you finally kissed and.......
The feelings were gone.
And there was an empty place.
A hole
where the ice used to be.
I am sure that with my newfound appetite and my recent stirrings of energy I will find a replacement.
But for now
I will remember the "good times"
scratch scratch
keep applying the benadryl lotion

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JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Hee hee - too funny! All my life I had problems with anemia and just crunched ice all the time. It's the craziest thing! Finally had to break down and get a hyster (best thing that EVER happened to me seriously) but I kinda miss the ice crunching also! Toooo funny! Why am I not surprised . . .


Carolyn said...

Smiling reading smiling some more. It takes talent to make random medical conditions sound funny and interesting.

Love it.

Kerry B said...

Glad to hear that you figured out what the "problem" is. Sorry about the loss of Sonic ice in your daily diet. I didn't even know they sold it by the bag full!!

Pica behavior is a by-product of Autism as well--everything went into Daniel's mouth. It still does...and oh, the stuff that comes out if it too!

Kerry B said...

Pica, oh my goodness!!! Daniel once chewed down all the corners on our lower kitchen cabinets. He tried to eat our front porch steps and ate a lot of rocks. In spite of this, he has beautiful teeth!

He survived two years in braces, complete with a palate expander and we replaced our cabinet doors.