Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Final Installment of PPP

Yes I am still posting cell phone pictures.
I beg your indulgence and promise that it's most likely the last installment....
for sure,
I'm sorry.
My brain is a little mushy today.
This one is pretty self explanatory
Jack Fruit....not sure what it is or what it tastes like but anything that is named after my Elder Nerent is ok in my book.
Jack on the phone posed in front of
Jack on the phone.
Can you tell that I was the only one that thought this was clever and that Nerent is trying to be a good sport?
Mr. T and I at a Bruce Springsteen concert. Mt. T LOVES concerts.   I do not.   Mr. T LOVES Bruce Springsteen.   I do not.   Mr. T thinks that he deserves the nickname "the Boss".   I do not. (unless you want to extend it to the "boss of loud gravely voice noises"   But I do LOVE Mr. T and gave him the tickets as a Christmas present. The real present however was my presence.  FYI: When you purchase Springsteen tickets you get your money's worth. That man sang and sang and sang and sang and sang. Over three hours worth. Do you see the yellow string coming out my ears. Jewelry you ask? NO!.... ear plugs. My apologies to all you Springsteen fans out there.
Killing time at Target #1
Killing time at Target #2
Killing time at Target #3
Girls day out at The Quilted Bear. For those not acquainted with this Utah institution it is rows and rows of booths like a craft fair that are rented by individuals to sell their wares. They are not manned but are just overseen by....well....the Quilted Bear. There are some wonderful items. There is some scary stuff too. Some people should not be able to craft or own a glue gun or jigsaw.  That being said I always save room in my suitcase for the flight home for a few purchases.
Side note: They also have a little cafe inside that has some pretty good soup and giant frosted sugar cookies as big as your head. Those never even make it home.
Sometime I am just amazed by the beauty of nature. I am also amazed at the ability of a little cell phone to take a shot like this one. This is Mr. T and Peanut at a lake in the middle of the desert in the Joshua Tree National Monument. If you ever get to Southern CA I heartily recommend stopping there. It is worth the time.
Date Night with my Mr. T to the Houston Temple. Can't imagine he could look any more handsome than standing in front of this beautiful edifice reminding me that our love is eternal.
So my dear readers
is all I will post of my cell phone pictures.
Most likely
For sure.


Bonnie said...

Don't stop!

And what the heck is a "Jack Fruit"?

Suzy Q said...

I just love that she's wearing a hot dog and a gorilla costume with Christmas decorations behind her. :) Too funny!