Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ooops and a "Cell"fish post.

I accidentally posted my email about Elder Nerent to this blog instead of his/our missionary blog. When I went to copy and paste and delete it I decided not to. Because maybe you don't read that one and it was a story worth telling
A story about how the Lord takes care of his own.
So I left it.
Plus I like clicking on my blog and seeing his beautiful face.
But just to keep things on the light side as well...
Here are some more cell phone pics...
Just in case you needed more..
This is my 300 calorie Burger King meal. And I know how they do it. Can you believe the size of that burger. And no the camera did NOT make it look bigger like it does my face and body.  It is really THAT small. On the upside..I did enjoy the french fry shaped apple pieces. No they don't taste like fries but I pretended that they were anyway.
This is the lighthouse I was telling you about. The very first picture I took with my new cell phone with a camera. I fell in love with my new toy. It is still one of my favorite pictures. It is the Point Isabel Lighthouse in Port Isabel which is right across the bay from Padre Island, Texas. Someday I am going to travel the world taking pictures of lighthouses....but this will remain my first and favorite......well a girl can dream can't she?
This sign was outside our hotel by the postage stamp sized pool in Hermosa Beach CA. It made me laugh. I found it amusing that the first instruction was for me to tap the victim on the should and shout; "ARE YOU OK?" I want to find a way to employ that technique in all aspects of my life. I want permission to tap on a lot of people's shoulders and shout; "ARE YOU OK???" I think it might answer a lot of my questions.
This is the first home that Mr. T and I purchased. It was a happy little home and occasionally I drive by just to say hi to it. I brought 2 of my babies there straight from the hospital. They learned to ride their trikes on the inclined driveway. I want to knock on the door someday and tell the owners to look for the love notes we all left with sharpie markers on the fold away stairs that led to the attic. Even 1 year old Lauren's scribblings.
This is one of my favorite pictures EVER of my two girls. We are having lunch at ChickFilA....what a surprise!!
This is the biggest strawberry I have ever seen. That is Peanut's hand holding it....and she has a full grown adult hand. It was simply amazing and I hated to eat it.....but we did....and it was good.
Well I guess that's all for today.
If you would indulge me...
I think I have one more cell phone photo post in me.
If not..
It should be safe to come back by Friday.
Toodles my friends.

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