Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I felt like someone was pushing me....

When Jack was serving in his first area Peten,
he assured me that it was the safest place in the mission.
Being a new missionary mom, I believed him.
I felt a sense of security.
Now a year and a half later he is serving in Zone 18.
He knows that I know the stories about Zone 18.
Of course he says that he is in the "safest part" of Zone 18.
But he doesn't need to keep the truth from me to protect me.
Heavenly Father has been taking care of that job, as you can imagine,
with perfection.
I don't always receive it perfectly but that is how it is sent and
it is enough.
Yesterday when we were sending emails back and forth...
(I just "happened" to be at my computer when he sat down to a computer in the internet cafe)
He was telling me where to try and book a hotel for our Guatemala adventure in September.
He said,
"the temple is closer to our mission
zone 15 is the nicest zone
zone 14 or 9 are good ones too
zone 6 and 18 are not! lol
but i love the people there =)
in peten just make sue it´s in san benito, santa elena, or flores
flores is really nice"
To which I replied,
"hey Buster you told me that Zone 18 was SAFE. lol lol lol
Man am I a seasoned missionary mom veteran not to get stressed out about the zone you are in???
You better be safe though!!!
or else."
And then he shot back....
it´s safe.. just don't read the Guatemalan news  lol
the temple is in zone 15
it´s nice there
oh btw
i prolly wont be writing again until Tuesday
we have a service project on Monday" (I included that part for the Guat North moms whose sons are in Jack's zone. ;)
To which I replied,
if it's about the 6 severed heads found in public places...too late. your dad filled me in on that one. (I cannot imagine why he told me) But I long ago had to leave all that on the Lord's shoulders so don't worry about me worrying, I try to keep it to a minimum. Do you still feel safe and protected? If not I will try to pray harder. lol Thanks for the heads up on Tuesday.
He then said,
yeah, that's the news.
didn't happen in my area though. so don't worry. i still feel safe
I then typed back,
Just make sure that you keep your head on your shoulders and follow all of the rules and I will try to not worry.
btw you ALWAYS say your area is not the bad area....good try. But thanks for trying to protect me. lol You are a good son!
There should be a whole gang of really muscular angels surrounding you. I pray for those guys EVERY night!
Do you ever see or feel their presences?
And then he sent this short answer that made me cry....it still makes me cry when I type this. But first a little background...
When he was serving in "safe" Peten he and his companion were approached by a man who stopped his car to get out and talk to them. Jack had a bad feeling and they kept walking. The man then exited his car brandishing a machete and yelling. Jack and his companion started running....fast. Now Jack has never been known for his athletic prowess but he said that he ran faster than he had ever run before. Yesterdays email answer explained why,
He said,
in peten when they were trying to kill me i did. lol
i ran faster than i had strength to run. i felt like someone was pushing me.
I know who was pushing him.
It was those angels.
They are not only big and tough they are
I spent the rest of the afternoon with a thankful heart.


Tom said...

I ran faster on my mission than I ever ran before also...don't think it was angels pushing me though. I'm pretty sure that it was the fact that my hand was caught in the bus door while I was outside.

Tom said...

it was more like someone was pulling me

Lelani said...

this post left me teary .... very sweet. I remember my brothers telling us stories from their missions and how they were protected.

Suzy Q said...

Thank you for posting this. I really need to feel the Spirit sometimes, and today was one of those days.