Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Hello friends...
Did you notice I have been missing again?
Bloggone it!
I have sat down at least a dozen times this month with the intent of blogging
and ended up playing a rousing round of hearts instead.
Curiously though I have had a lot to post about.
But I was waiting for the perfect post.
You know the one.
The post that flows so quickly and freely it is as if
It writes itself.
Obviously that has not happened.
But one of your comments brought me back to my senses.
It was a comment written in Chinese.
I seem to get a few Chinese comments now and then.
Some of them seem like they are just from those hacker type programs that
just want to mislead you.
Some of them read like the fortunes from a cookie.
But every once in awhile there is one that makes me think that they read my blog and liked it.
How can I read them you ask?
(well that's a fine question)
I google translate them...every one of them.
I have an insatiable need to read and words whether Chinese characters or American letters are
I don't think that the Google translation is a very good one because they always come out sounding a little strange like the dwarf on the show Twin Peaks who spoke backwards.
I don't blame my Chinese reader.
I know that if I spoke their language it would make perfect sense.
Still I try and figure out what they meant to say to me.
The one this week said,
which roughly translated (and I do mean roughly):
Must maintain this level of Yo, refueling!!! Look forward to your new article published!
I don't know what level of Yo I am on but,
I took this to mean that they wanted to read more.
I didn't need to wait for the perfect post
And they knew that my lapse in blogging was nothing more than my
I like the idea of refueling
as opposed to my label for it; laziness.
So thank you reader who speaks Chinese.
You helped me refuel.
I am not sure if my blog translates into anything more than gibberish
or if you read in English and write in Chinese
but I didn't want to let you down.
I will strive to live up to higher standards.
Mean while enjoy a picture of two from my refueling sabbatical.
I am so proud of Peanut!! 
She did it!
I did it!!
My last few moments of public education documented in these smiles.
I have a lot to say on that matter but will leave it for the future and 
the perfect pos..........
Oh never mind!

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Just ME the MOM said...

Congratulations to Peanut! And your chinese translations had me rolling in the aisles :) I never thought to google translate - just delete, but I'll give it a try next time. Hugs to you!