Monday, June 14, 2010

PPP stands for Priceless Phone Photos

I thought I had lost my cell phone last weekend.
I had had such a busy weekend with birthdays and graduations and church that I hadn't even noticed it missing
Monday as Mr. T came home from work and
after a day spent cleaning the fridge and the pantry and no email from the Elder in Guatemala, I
proclaimed, (yes it really had a proclamation type edge to it)
I need you to take me out to dinner!
(My memory is fuzzy on whether or not I used please in the proclamation)
And I must have looked like I needed it because Mr. T just said,
"OK let's go"
(You just have to love a man that doesn't question the occasional proclamation)
That's when I noticed it missing.
I searched and searched and no cell phone.
Since I had spent the day cleaning I knew that if it was in the house I would have seen it already.
Calls from the home phone to check on it's location since it was obviously out of juice since it went straight to my voice mail;
"Hi you've reached Shell's Cell I can't talk right now but leave me a message...beep"
I wanted to scream into the phone, "Hey Dummy where did you leave your cell phone!!!"
But I didn't.
I had already had a hard enough day and I didn't want to hurt my feelings.
After a frantic search
I gave up looking and went to drown my sorrows at ChickFilA.
I even ordered waffle fries which I hadn't had in 4 months.
It didn't help.
I couldn't stop trying to remember where I was the last time that I used my cell phone.
Midway through dinner I decided that it had to have been at Peanuts graduation at the huge and cavernous Toyota Center downtown.
I felt sick because I didn't hold out hope that it would be returned. There were 5 different high schools that graduated that day and 5 more the following day. There were thousands of people that passed through that place that weekend.
Darn it! I would have to buy a new one.
Midway through my chicken sandwich I realized the really sad piece of the story;
The money was one thing but the worst part was.....
There were pictures on that cell phone that did not exist anywhere else.
Unlike the thousands upon thousands of pictures that I have taken with my real cameras these were precious and few.
Since there was always limited memory on a phone, I was selective on the pictures I snapped  and deleted only those that were not important to my existence.
For example;
Sitting in the airport waiting to fly to Utah with my son for his first year of college...the first time to live away from home and the nervous look on his face.
The award ceremony that my daughter told me she would NOT be getting an award and so I did not bring my camera.....She got two! My trusty cell phone captured the moment.
The very first picture I ever took with a cell phone of a light house in Padre Island. It was amazing to me that not only did I have a phone that I could always carry with me but NOW it took pictures! I declared it to be beautiful and technology amazing.
I couldn't believe that these images were gone.
I really felt sick.
Even my chicken sandwich dipped in Polynesian sauce brought no joy....
I went home to wallow in my sorrows.
I had one last thought on where I could look.
My chair.
(yes I have a chair that I have proclaimed is mine! Others may sit in it if they dare but we all know that it is MY chair)
I  rushed home and yanked off the cushions and was ready to plunge my hand into the dark scary bowels at it's sides where odd and disgusting items collect when Mr. T came over to help.
He tipped the chair backwards and lo and behold...
(what a knight in shining armor he was that night)
I gave Mr. T a hug.
I said a quick thanksgiving prayer
and went straight to my computer to download the pictures off of my cellphone.
Because pictures that are as precious as that should not be mobile.
So for reading my little ditty I thank you with a few images from my cell phone collection
Sit back and be prepared to be amazed. (or maybe just slightly's your call)
Mr. T decided that he would do a jigsaw puzzle on our short stay in Park City to drop Elder Nerent at the MTC. It did not seem likely that he could finish but he tried....even to just minutes before we were to catch a plane home. It was driving me crazy! I think it took him mind off difficult transitions)
Peanut and I were out shopping for the perfect homecoming dress. She wanted a headband with a flower. We found one and laughed until we cried. Opted for something just a little bit smaller.
A fun day spent with my sister Precious, Miss Leezie and Peanut on the strand in Galveston. My camera was too heavy to carry when shopping for treasures like these so out came the handy cell phone.
Pancakes at a place in Nashville that is world renown for it's different kinds of pancakes. I can't remember the name but I won't soon forget the maple pecan pancakes.
 Proof positive for my son in law that there really was such a thing as a TurDucKen which is a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a Turkey. It's really REAL!
Same said son in law who didn't believe in Turduckens with a score card after I beat him in a round of  a favorite family card game. Actually this was before he married Raar and after playing cards with us I marveled that he still was willing to join our family. Let's just say we take our card games very seriously.
My mom as "Wendy". No explanation needed I think.
Well that was fun.
Thanks for stopping by.
I think I will post some more phone photo gems tomorrow.
See you there??


Just ME the MOM said...

Those truly are precious photos! Not bad for a cell phone - I don't know why I carry around all my gigantic camera gear!

Funny story :) Please please please come back to Utah - we must have lunch!


Leslie said...

Yay for Mr T!!!! He rocks. And so do all your pictures. I'm glad you didn't insult yourself with a mean message since you were already having such a sad day. You crack me up...always!!!